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  1. My daughter looking for a five door family car - auto Based near Harrogate Anyone thinking of selling something suitable? Cheers
  2. Where's the 'like' button? :-)
  3. Bit OTT there mate - the guy is just trying to sell a car...
  4. Thanks Mate... but in the end decided against getting another... Supras are just getting a little long in the tooth now - and definitely overpriced :-) Still love them though! In the end I went for a nice M135i convertible in black with just 20K miles - goes very nicely!
  5. Is that a baby beemer I spy there? What did you get?
  6. Glad it went to a good home... still fond memories!
  7. Ahh... there you are! Still looks great eh... :-)
  8. I suspect that a Mac will be out of his price - but thanks
  9. Need one for my son to do accounting and general emails etc - so nothing too complex required Thought I would ask prior to looking for new as he is pretty broke! Cheap and good please Needed delivery to Harrogate Whyg?
  10. Only when we win at the rugby... :-) And as I have a name like Evans... people in glass houses! :-)
  11. RX-7 - Err... how many engines do you want to buy? Skyline GTR - show me one for £10K please? Jag - would not buy anything before 2007 In the end I went for a Baby Beemer (Jag was an option - but do not feel that old yet!) 135i Convertible as I wanted a drop-top. Standard 320Hp and easily tuned to nearly 400hp - with corresponding TQ - especially if the N54 engine.
  12. TBH I think that there has been a lot of talking-up of prices... ...also you are in bloody Wales (!) :-) Which as we know is a long way from no-where, you have to bloody pay to get in, and is full of Welsh people! In my opinion I would put your interior back to stock as much as possible interior - with dash, seats (sell them), shift and cluster... get it well serviced (not by yourself - but someone known - no offence but it is a lot of money!). Engine is great so just leave. If you want it moving to London to sell you are welcome to use my drive! Cheers (Jurgen is good idea bt
  13. Looks like my old one - I still have a D1 throttle controller knocking around (made quite a difference) - oh and a subtle rear spoiler that I was going to put on... I will see if I have any other bits
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