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D1GB and Time Attack

Guest Booty-licious

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Guest Booty-licious

D1 and Time Attack - starting May 2006.

Get your Club noticed and book a free stand for your cars and your club.


Following on from the GT Battle event in 2005 where Time Attack appeared for the first time in Europe, we are pleased to announce the formation of a full Time Attack Series for 2006!


Entrants race against the clock to set the quickest timed lap around a circuit under Time Attack conditions. Unlike sprinting, Time Attack uses the full circuit, providing full lap results from a ‘flying start ‘ where competitors drive on the edge and beyond to set lap records under professional conditions and at major recognised circuits.


Following on from the first ever and hugely successful D1GP exhibition match, held on the 2nd of October 2005 at Silverstone - 2006 will see the first ever D1 National Championship {D1GB} which will be held in the UK – backed by the D1 Corporation.


In 2005 the D1 Corporation has had a busy year in the UK with shows and promotional features such as BBC Top Gear, event demonstration at circuits such as Silverstone, Rockingham and Mondello Park as well major media interest such as the Daily Telegraphs’ motoring front page stories and countless magazine and video features all over Europe, all in preparation for the permanent arrival of the sport in 2006.


The D1GB will be held in the UK over six point scoring rounds at premier race circuit locations, kicking off in April with a pre-season test, licensing and media day at Downingtown race circuit on the 15/16th April 2006 for a media and test day at Donnington where teams and drivers will be able shake down their cars for the first time this year in preparation for Round 1 in May.


The D1GB and Time Attack Series will run from May to October. The Time Attack grid divided into three classes: Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive and Four Wheel Drive.


You can be there! We have arranged privileged parking for Car Clubs and discounted ticket prices for you members. So, if you want to be there and to show of your cars and your club let us know. Contact us on [email protected] and we will send you all the details of this years D1 and Time Attack Series.


See you there!





Round 1 - May 28th (Sun) Rockingham

Round 2 - June 17th (Sat) Silverstone (National)

Round 3 - July 2nd (Sun) Rockingham

Round 4 - August 20th (Sun) Silverstone (National)

Round 5 - September 17th (Sun) Rockingham

Round 6 - October 1st (Sun) Silverstone (National)

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Im in discussion with Lex about how to get a decent club turnout at one of the events. The organisers need to set a specific date on which clubs should be there otherwise its going to be dribs and drabs.


I for one would like to go along to one of the events as a club.



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Guest Booty-licious
Claire, 2nd post in 2 years.....

:( sorry! :(


Has our booking for JAE been received yet??

Yes, arrived. Will send Branners the receipt.

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