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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

Hello i'm a old member from 2001 lost my old log in details.

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hello to all supra owner's used to be a member from 2001 was called MONKEYmark and used to do the drag racing lists years ago. was a life time member back then but lost my log on details. started on the Japanese cars in the 90's with a MK3 supra turbo auto then bought a Mitsubishi GTO tt with HKS exhaust, then Bought a MK4 TT auto and added a few parts like RLTC Blitz nurspec cat back exhaust and HKS 264 cams and gears aquamist water injection and 4000 stall torque convertor and braided brake lines and decat and other bits.

  then bought the orange JPS shell with rollcage (done nothing with it) both cars just wasting away, but could not part with them as to me its the ultimate car for me and had so many good memories with it. the last few years parts and car prices gone crazy. remember buying a full set of lights in a group buy on here many years ago. also bought a th400 gearbox off a guy called Miguel off here and bought a boostlogic turbo kit with a 71mm turbo but ended up with a 74gts turbo. started collecting parts like phr fuel kit a nos kit. then bought house and cars got put on back burner and never touched since.


just wanted to say hello and will have a look around.

im from leeds area and know a few people on here from 2001 onwards

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14 hours ago, Josh42 said:

Hi Mark,

Welcome back to the forum, there seem to be a few old faces returning at the moment.

Do you have any photos of your cars?

not really they looking bit of sorry state been sat for years.


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Wow a real blast from the past, I remember you chasing drag times in my early days, parts prices and availability is an issue these days, but you can still generally get what you need. Homer (I think you should remember?) has recently got a semi shell back up together.

Realistically how far off running is the TT? 

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