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Connector to face lift front indicators


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I have a 1995 pre face lift TT6, just bought the OEM front bumper with the clear side indicators as well.

drive side comes with a wiring lo while the passenger side has 2 individual sockets, one for indicator and one for parking, see image attached.

I am sure many have done this before, but where do I source the male plug to goes into the wiring loom on driver side ?  And where do I get the plug going from the car and plugging into the parking light socket on passenger side?

thanks for any tips in advance.



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I don't have facebook so can't see the link, but I had all pre-facelift lights and went to facelift.  You need to route the sidelight wire from the headlights down to the new indicator/sidelights.    I tidied up my wiring by cutting all the plugs off, re-routing the sidelight wire, fitting a 3 way Deutsch connector for the facelift indicators/sidelights, and a 2 way connector to for the footlights.  Everything is sleeved, super tidy enough to look OEM. 

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