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Fueling issue

antony lacey

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Evening guys hopefully someone can help! 

So car has been running fine ,  not used it for 2 weeks ....go to start and it's runs for 2 seconds then cuts out. 

Tried again with a bit of accelerator..cuts out again.

After searching here, I bridge the relevant ports on the diagnostic to run the fuel pump and it starts and runs fine.

Changed the efi main, still cuts out 

Possibly fuel pump ecu ? Brought a tested unit and no change. 

Any help would be much appreciated on what to try next  🙏 

Thanks Antony 


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Evening chaps 

Thought I'd update as finally sorted! 

After replacing my fuel pump ecu and no change in the issue, I got a auto electrician in .... after a few hours of testing and head scratching, he couldn't solve the issue,  he said everything looked in great condition and couldn't understand it .

After sulking for a few weeks ( months) 🙄 Somewhere I had seen similar issues leading to the main ecu, so that been my next check ......this is what I found 20230105_113413.thumb.jpg.6e9202102f262ee335d8636c716daffa.jpg

20230105_113416.thumb.jpg.ab3b3d02f38f67d58ba1483ff43b9988.jpgI tried to find someone local ish to repair it but finally with the help and advice from  keron, a replacement unit was found!! And everything runs sweet 😁 

Massive thanks to Keron, always has time to give advice and help out 👍

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