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Hi Guys Been a Long Time.


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Just thought I would check in a have a look ...things have changed here, couldn't log in at first, and I am not sure my old content is still linked, anyway how are you all doing? Me I'm running a mundane diesel these days since I retired, can't afford to run a Supra these days, you will all be doing electric transplants no doubt😛 with the price of fuel,

Christ I wish I hadn't sold mine looking at the current prices,😮 best thrill I can get is  riding a bike in the summer, anyway will pop in from time to time just see how the Supra's are progressing, take care.😄

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Hello Mr Tricky! Long time no see, good to see you back on here.

Mine doen't see daylight very often, although this week will be used for Prom

Know what you mean driving a dull daily, try a Mazda 6 2l petrol, flat as a fart, but reliable as hell.

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That's the one, sold it to a Dutch guy and I think it got sold on to a German guy who was drag racing it, he did get in touch once after I put out a "where is it now"thread  but not heard anything since, wish I hadn't sold it.

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