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Luc's SRD1XXX Supra - 6870


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Engine Type - Single Turbo was TT originally


Engine Spec - Built Engine with Manley 87 mm 9:1 pistons and Carillo Rods, SRD Stage 5 VVTi Head with 272/278 camshafts, Hypertune intake manifold, SRD custom made exhaust manifold with screamer pipe.


Turbo - CEA Gen2 6870 1.00 A/R Twin Scroll.


Fuel Used - E75


Fuel setup- ASNU 1500 injectors, triple Walbro 485 pumps, Flex fuel kit with teflon lines


Exhaust - 4" DP/MP with Whifbitz 4" Ti single box exhaust


Transmission - V160 - Jacks Stage 3 upgrade


ECU - Syvecs S6plus


Mapped By - SRD


Dyno Used - SRD Dynojet Dyno


Power figure - 979 rwhp on E75


Torque figure - 784ftlbs on E75


Boost Pressure - 2.2 Bar on E75


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