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  1. Seen that one a few times around cockfosters area.
  2. I will take the rear bumper
  3. If you set your manual boost controller to 1.1 bar now, on a cold night you will exceed 1.1 bar. Also the same goes for being in a high gear, you will never be able to hit 1.1 bar in all conditions.
  4. Gpro

    Syvecs vs link

    Educational reasons, always looking to improve myself. That said, didn't have much luck in the UK but other European countries and US were more than happy to help. You will be amazed at how far your knowledge can grow when you work together instead of against each other. That's something I never understood with certain people...
  5. Gpro

    Syvecs vs link

    Agreed, with a dyno I genuinely can't see it taking anymore than 2 hours to fully tune fuel, ignition, transient, knock sensitivity, failsafes etc on a supra. Especially when our cars have been tuned to death, mappers already have a map that will closely match anyones car here, with only a few tweaks required to perfect for your specific car. I still can't get over how they can justify charging £1300 for a map...
  6. Gpro

    Syvecs vs link

    Is that how much mapping cost these days? wow [sHOCK][/sHOCK]
  7. So you just splice into the ignition and RPM signal, keep all the auto pins in place and you could, in theory, run any standalone ECU to control the engine?
  8. EMU doesn't support automatic, right? I presume you are manual? Consider the Proefi ECU, it supports auto and has plenty of modern features
  9. check your spark plugs to see if they are wet with fuel, to rule out fueling issues. Can use a spark tester to see if you are getting spark
  10. Personally wouldn't touch an unknown brand when it comes to engine internals, granted they might work perfectly fine but that's an expensive risk you are taking. I also wouldn't bother trying to cut corners with support brackets, get a truly tested product and job done. Here's my main caps below.
  11. where abouts in London are you?
  12. I have a similar engine spec to yours (see my profile) one thing I would have changed if I could go back is replace the CP piston with these https://www.realstreetperformance.com/je-ultra-forged-pistons-toyota-supra-mk4-2jzgte-2jz-gte-2jz-ge-86-5mm-0-5mm-10-4-cc-9-01.html but of course not necessary but a nice upgrade for a bit more money.
  13. Can't comment on intake manifold but I have a built engine on stock compression 8:5:1 which allows me to produce neck bending power on vpower pump fuel. One thing to note though, next year all fuel stations will be E10 meaning 10% ethanol which is a bonus for any tuned car.
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