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Yakushi Show 10th-12th September - Official Mkivsupra.net Club Stand!


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Afternoon all! After chatting with Branners, the club is planning a club stand and weekend camping at the Yakushi show near Silverstone on the weekend of the 10th-12th of September!

I think a lot of us will remember the great times we've all had in the past at JAE, well the Yakushi show is run by Nigel who use to organise the old JAE events. I really like the look of the show as it's on a smaller scale than JAE, less cost, and a lovely looking venue!

Please see here for the official website for the Yakushi show: https://yakushi-show.co.uk/

A weekend club camping ticket is £34.00 + £2.65 booking fee

Or if you prefer to just attend on the Saturday and display your car on the stand between 9am-5pm, a Saturday day ticket is £12.00 + £0.94 booking fee

I need to purchase the tickets as a bulk order, and advance tickets end the 6th September, so you must purchase your tickets before then. You can go to the club store to purchase your tickets now 🙂 https://www.mkivsupra.net/store/

I'm currently chatting with Nigel about a weekend club camping stand, so put your name down below if you're interested in going 🙂

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Wile has kindly lent us a marquee for the event, which I picked up from Cornwall the weekend. The new fire pit arrived the weekend, which Branners has kindly said the club will pay for 🙂 So can I ask all of you to please bring a bag or two of hard wood please, as the fire pit comes with a grill which we can keep going in the day for people to cook lunch/dinner on as they wish 🙂

Is anyone else interested in joining the club stand? Either for the weekend or just Saturday? As I need to advise the Yakushi show organiser of our required stand size.

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