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  1. Bonnet still available? Thanks

  2. Welcome to the club! Nice to see Carol's old car is going to be cherished by a new owner, it was her pride and joy!
  3. I'm assuming he means the black plastic sill protectors
  4. If it has the large flange, the w58 rear won't bolt up. I don't know what the na auto came with
  5. What diff do you have? Does it have the small or large companion flange?
  6. Nice one Si, you've made great progress! I feel your pain with getting the twins off, they are a complete bastard! Looking forward to catching up soon [emoji1303]
  7. I'm not doing carbon skinning anymore mate, it's too time consuming and I have too much on with other things I'm afraid. I can highly recommend Alan Bryson from ABCarbon on Facebook though. I showed him how to do it, and he's mustard [emoji1303]
  8. Considering they would cost around £300 to refurbish, plus you haven't stated the age of the tyres. Tyres near or over 5 years old Should be replaced anyway. So potentially, these would could need £700+ spent on them, to make them nice.
  9. Have you tried exhaust paste?
  10. Mk4Gaz - sunny Southend in Essex [emoji41]
  11. Depends how old is is I guess. But I'd certainly bolt it up and see if the problem goes away, at least then you'll know that the new pulley is definitely the problem
  12. You don't need to weld anything. Just use silicone hose blanks, or cut a piece of hose and put a bolt in it.
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