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Thinking about renting my field for Club meets


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Hi all Ive got a 2.5 acre field in Staxton near Scarborough yo12 and I've been thinking for a while what to do with it. What id really like to do is to make it a sort of venue for any clubs to meet up whether it be Classic car clubs, Japanese car clubs, etc . Its flat and good access to the A64.


Ive never been to a car meet with my Supra or anything so Ive got no idea of these things but i was just wondering if anyone has experience of organising a meet, what to charger what people pay, what's expected ie toilets, burger vans etc . I appreciate a lot of people meet up in places for free, i would need to charge but I would try to make it cheaper for this club of course being a member. :)


Its needs a bit of development so wouldn't be until next year but from what i can tell there are not many places to meet around Scarborough.


Any info is appreciated, thanks in advance

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What a nightmare thought. You'd need to approach the council for licences with every event and obtain at cost a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). You'd need to have adequate public liability insurance and to separate the events from your person otherwise any incident could entail a claim against you personally and your personal property. You'd need to arrange electricity (with certification), water, toilets and refuse removal. You'd presumably need help to clear the site of rubbish and debris after each even. You'd need a ground crew to prepare the site ahead of any venue. You'd probably be best advertising locally to see if anyone would like access to a pony paddock.


There are lots of sites about setting up farm land and buildings as a wedding venue so if you read some of those it'll let you know what you'd need to consider before taking any decision. 2.5 acres is probably more a wedding and private party size than a car club event size which tends to be a few cars in a pub car park or major shows covering big space. Something like a party or wedding location would obviously be defined by the site access and serenity of it setting.

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Thanks for the comments. Its probably too small for any major event/family fun day etc but there is a field in Bridlington, well Carnaby, that have various little classic car meets every so often. Probably only 20 cars or so and ive noticed that they camp next to their vehicles in tents and every time I pass i think i could do that. I was just thinking like a get together for the clubs with members in north yorkshire Scarborough area to meet up and stay the night if they wanted to. Something like that

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