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SW Xmass party Sat 2nd december at Ploughboy inn

wile e coyote

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Ok I have booked the Ploughboy ( PL12 4HG) for Sat December 2nd for this

Room booked for 7.30pm

2 course festive menu £16.95 per person

I Need £5 per person to confirm this by the weekend please

PayPal: [email protected]

Now I have limited space at mine for staying over but welcome to finish the night at mine for drinks and hot tub

There is a travel lodge walking distance:


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Please add names

1: Wile e coyote +1 Paid £10 Pate, Turkey/ Pate, beef

2: Slam Paid £5 Gammon, cheesecake

3: Axl +1 Paid £10 Turkey, bakewell / Pate, beef, xmass pudding

4: Bob +1 Paid £10 Turkey hot bakewell, wenslydale xmass pudding

5: Buster +1 Paid £10 Pate, turkey x 2

6: Shawnpreece +1 Paid £10 Turkey, xmass pud x2

7: Suprafluff +Gimp Paid £10 Salmon,Turkey,bakewell / Salmon, beef, Cheesecake

8: Fearless +1 Paid £10 Tart, turkey, bakewell /Turkey, bakewell

9: Jasoon Salmon, Tuqual, xmass pud

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