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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

BHP Fuel Fest 2016 Sunday 12th June


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I'm sure I'll be there


Put me down I'm in


Is it in exeter again ?


If so I'm in


Added you all to the list and yes it's about a mile from the Main Motorway Services at Exeter,


I will put up proper details in the 1st post very soon, just waiting for Jay to get back to me on a couple of things first

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Hi all new member I'm up for this can I be added to the list please :)


Welcome to the Club of course I will add you, keep an eye on the thread,


I will update a month or so before with meeting time and I will send out a Pm to everyone on the list when I need payment

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Just a quick message for anyone interested


I have started a general Chat on Facebook Messenger for this seasons Show stuff


I will obviously also update the relevant threads here with anything necessary too


If you want in on the Facebook/Messenger Then post here and I or someone can add you

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just about to send out a PM to everyone on the list with payment details


1, DodgyRog

2, ripped_fear +1 (will confirm in next couple of weeks)

3, Slam

4, Axl

5, kar


7, wile e coyote

8, fastcar

9, Carbon_Bullet

10, Day881

11, Sean56



If you want to go and not on the list, you need to let me know soon very please

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