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Stock Compression NA-T: 327RWHP ~400HP


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Had my map tweaked and the boost controller setup to 12psi at HQ Garage yesterday. Russ is a wizard and totally transformed my car, can't thank him enough. Especially since he stayed with me mapping the car until well after midnight!


Lower graph is wastegate pressure of around 9psi with minimal changes to the map. Second one is with the boost controller setup to 12psi and a lot of the niggles smoothed out. It was done on a Mainline Dyno as well which is apparently a bit of a heartbreaker. Flywheel estimation is around 400hp which is what I was hoping for. So very happy overall. Just a compression ratio drop with some TT pistons and I should be able to crank the boost up and really start using the turbo, it's barely even trying just now :cool:





NA-T Dyno Sheet.jpg

On the HQ Dyno.jpg

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