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Plymouth Car Meet 28th Sept 2013

Guest HenryKingCooper

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Guest HenryKingCooper

Hi everyone



I am trying to organise a big car meet here in Plymouth, Devon but I need help getting the word out to as many people as possible!


It would be for all makes and styles of cars; Rally, Stanced, JDM, USDM, Euro, Highrider, Purist, Hotrod, Rat anything and everything!


I personally drive a miata (1997 BP8 'all motor') but would be great to have a range of cars/people/styles etc show up!


Please help spread the word so that we can get as big a turn out as possible! I cant reach enough people on my own! The more cars and people the better the meet!


Check out the facebook event via the link below and pleasee click attending so that it drums up some interest! Otherwise no one will be interested and no one will have a great car meet to go to haha :) :)





Thankyouuu!! HKC

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Guest HenryKingCooper

A 'cruze'?


It really was just the idea to get a big gathering of like-minded car enthusiasts together.

If you check the facebook event, I have linked a youtube video that kind of inspired my efforts, however the video shows something a little out of reach in terms of size, but still I thought that others might enjoy such an event



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If you want a big gathering of like minded enthusiasts, there are plenty of shows up and down the country.

This month alone, there have been 3 in devon. One of which, was in Plymouth on the Hoe if I remember rightly. But that may have been last month.

I attended two down in devon this month myself.


I did look at the Facebook page, hence why I said it sounds like a cruise. Keeping the location secret until a week before, evening timings etc.


Sounds like the kind of thing I went to as a teenager.


You may get a fair few boy racers though.

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