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Mondello Modified Live - 21 April 2013 - Mondello Park, Naas


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The Irish Modified Car Scene will have a new show for 2013 with the arrival of Mondello Modified Live. The new event will take place on Sunday April 21st and will be a major boost to the Irish Modified Car Scene. The event will showcase the best of Ireland's modified car culture, along with a full days live entertainment on the Mondello Park track.


Mondello Modified Live is an event for owners of European, Japanese & American cars to display their vehicles. The show will feature displays by owners clubs, websites and individuals, as well as track action, including the first round of the new Irish Drift Championship, which is set to replace the Prodrift Series as the premier Irish Drifting championship.


The circuit will be kept busy for most of the day with qualifying and the finals of the opening round of the Irish Drift Championship. The drifters will share the track with round two of the Irish time-Attack Series, which for the first time will run in an anti-clockwise direction between drift sessions. When the competitive action takes a break, the track will continue to be busy as owners clubs and individuals will have the opportunity to take to the track and demonstrate the performance of their vehicles, in one of the twenty minute 'Track Day' sessions available.


At the April 21st event, the Show & Shine competition will play a big part in proceedings as the organisers search for Ireland's best presented Modified Cars. The competition will have more than €500 worth of prizes up for grabs and the show cars will have their own dedicated area for the first time. With the help of 'Autoglym' the entrants will be whittled down to a short list for closer inspection, before the overall winner is announced.


Mondello Modified Live will follow the venues popular show format of mixing live action and static displays and will be the biggest Modified Car event of the year outside of September’s Jap-Fest. Additional attractions will be announced over the coming weeks.


Display space is limited and entries for clubs, organisations and individual exhibitors and traders are now being taken. For information on how to get involved, car owners, clubs, websites and traders should visit our website http://www.mondello.ie/modified/ or contact Mondello Park on 045-860200.


Club Stands


Mondello Modified Live is now open for booking of club and website spaces. Club and website bookings will be taken subject to acceptance of the following rules and regulations.


Clubs and Websites Rules

There must be only one contact per club/website with the organiser of the show. This is to eliminate confusion between the website and organisers. This person is solely responsible for control of the stand at the show and anybody associated or working on the stand at the event.


Cost of a paddock space is €20 per car/driver and all passengers must pay €20 euro with 12-16's paying €10 euro and under 12’sFOC.


Where a club pays for 10 cars, they will receive a refund for 5 on the day to include car and driver, but passengers must pay. Additional refunds will be applied on the basis of one for each additional 5 cars booked and paid for in advance.


All cars representing the club/website on the stand must be up to an agreed standard.


2 promotional staff will be admitted FOC with 10 cars, 3 with 15 cars, 4 with 20 cars and a further staff member for each additional 5 cars. Mondello Park will issue tickets for these staff in advance of the Show.


Clubs which have booked and paid for their space (minimum 10 cars) are eligible for additional tickets, purchased in advance at a reduction of 25%.


Club/Website paddock space must be fully paid in advance and admission passes will be distributed in the week of the event.


All cars on club/website stands must remain turned off during the entire show. It is the responsibility of the club/website stand organiser to make sure this is adheared to. Failure to do so will result in ejection from the show.


No flyers or promotional activity can take place on the club/website stand for any business (shops, sponsors, non-club events) associated with the club/website.


No club/website clothing or products can be sold on the stand without prior discussion and permission.


No building of stands for a club/website is permitted without the prior consultation and permission of Mondello Park. Any type of temporary structure must be erected in a safe and secure manner. It is the sole resposibilty of the club/website to ensure this is done.


All clubs/websites must display a banner or advert for the show on their web site home page and this must remain on the front page of the website right up to the date of the show. Similarly, all press releases should be posted on the site.


Show & Shine is limited 40 cars and all must be parked in the Show & Shine area, even if they are part of website display.


To book your space please contact our office on 045-860200 or [email protected].



Autoglym Show & Shine


Autoglym Show & Shine Competition

The Autoglym Show & Shine competition is open to members of Clubs / Websites and individuals but entrants must be pre-registered with Mondello Park on the official form.


The competition will be limited to a maximum of 40 cars which will all be assembled in the Show and Shine area. An initial examination will reduce this to a final 20 cars with the remainder allowed to park back up with their club/website.


A detailed examination of the final 20 cars will be undertaken by Autoglym before 1st, 2nd & 3rd are chosen and they will share in over €500.00 worth of prizes.


1st Prize Overall: Trophy and a Level 1 Course in the Mondello Park Motor Racing Experience valued at: €199.00

2nd Prize: Trophy and a Level 2 Course in a Porsche Boxster S valued at €149.00

3rd Prize: Trophy and a Level 1 Course in a Porsche Boxster S valued at €99.00


Entry Fee: The entry fee is €20.00 payable in advance, which admits the driver and car into the show. Any additional passengers must pay.

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And there's more lol...


Track Time

Track Time Sessions

A limited number of Track Time sessions are available to Clubs and Websites at a cost €1,500 per session.


The session consists of 20 minutes Track Time, which includes 2 X familiarisation Laps behind the safety car.


Maximum number of cars in a booked session is 25.


Clubs booking Track Time will automatically receive paddock space at no additional cost for driver/car combination, but passengers are liable for an admission fee.


4 X Promotional Staff will be admitted for each Track Session Group.


Track Session must be fully paid in advance and admission passes will be distributed in the week of the event.



All drivers must be over eighteen and hold a full clean drivers licence

All Drivers/Cars must be pre-register by their club/website.

Drivers and passengers must wear helmets and seat belts at all times, they must supply their own helmets.

All passengers must sign on and be over eighteen.

All track time spaces must be pre-booked & pre-paid otherwise space cannot be guaranteed

There will be a designated briefing for each track session and time/place will be advised prior to the event.

Drivers will not be permitted on track without attending a briefing.

Drivers & Passengers are required to read and sign Risk Awareness and Indemnity documentation prior to going on track. By signing these documents, it is taken that the signatory has read and understood them.

Drivers & Passengers are reminded that your normal Road Traffic Act insurance is not valid for any accident on a race circuit and no vehicle or personal accident insurance is in place on the day.

Mondello Park reserves the right to remove any driver from the circuit if their driving or behaviour does not comply with accepted standards or rules set out in the drivers briefing, without refund.

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Went to this the last few years Jim, every scrote in world is there; Mondello allows these idiots get intoxicated via bringing a few cans in the car! Last time (2011 I think) I was there a drunken mess fell against my passenger door and took a chip down to the metal.


Last year, a guys TypeR was stolen from the car park, rallied up in Dublin and burnt out


Last year too at a Drift day in Mondello, employees out of ** crash repairs (Sponsors of Brendan Stone) got intoxicated in the PITS!! , exposing themselves , with young kids and family's walking around

Then one of the drunken idiots taught it would be a good Idea to dance on the roof of a random R32 in the carpark, urinate on it , smash the windscreen etc


The guy who owned the R32 was not too pleased to say the least, sure its Mondello; ** crash repairs are still allowed in and around the place!


No time for the place to be honest, until they change their views on this behavior and allowing people get intoxicated never mind they are underage scrotes


I never actually heard what happen to the poor guy who owned the R32, she was stunning!



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That's shocking Carlo, I hadn't heard any of that before. The pages and pages of rules would put me off anyways, I was a bit concerned about the 'one person solely responsible for everyone in the club' bit, I understand why they're saying it now though! Bottom line, car shows and drink don't mix - we've had similar problems up here with an event where they weren't selling drink (as you need a licence for that) but they were selling raffle tickets, and each ticket won a beer lol...inventive way of getting round the law. Turned into a nightmare though, it was in a dodgy part of Belfast and there were similar incidents - boys falling onto show cars, or standing too close to the drifting/diffing area (couple of people got clipped and ended up in hospital) etc. Not worth the risk.

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