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The Dark Knight Rises - mini meet

Ian W

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Geo, if all else fails I'm using you as a human shield :D


On a more serious note, that is tragic what happened and just promotes the fact that guns should not be allowed. Period.


Tragic indeed. Was it an "allowed" gun or an illegal one though?

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Sorry I don't follow. If this was an "illegal" gun then making all guns "illegal" would have made no difference in this case - that was my original point.


If all guns were illegal then it would theoretically been more difficult for the perpetrator to gave gotten hold of the gun in the first place?


If you were to consider where something like this was more likely to happen, I know where my money would be on.

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Just realised that you had replied bud, i went to watch it last night and i agree with the Bane comment. Overall I reckon it was pretty awesome, im not a Hathaway fan generally speaking but that red lipstick was certainly appealing

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