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Jap meet at half way


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Hey guy / gals


I have been to a few of these jap meets at the half way and the turn out is very good. just few supras not sure if thats becouse you dont know about it but.


It on this friday at 7:30 so if anyone ells fancys coming along, itll be good to see other supra owners.

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Every area has it local meets.


This area is bluewater (supra owners meet) first Friday of every month 7:30


The half way is a popular jap car meet (passion jap) it's the second friday of every month.


With the somer coming there is going to be lots of shows to so keep an eye on the events.

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ok so halway is next weeker...but what time does everyone meet up? ok i will keep a eye out for the events that will be approaching., if people with there finger on the pulse of thease events could post them up week in advan would be good for everybody...the more the merryier hey !!!! :)


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uhm blue water was a wash out for me :(((((

oh well

long way to go to talk oils n engines, and to coem home no wiser and poorer :(

about 5 multi story car parks in bluewater , and there no clear directions from the road signs, just coulour circles on the road signss

with no discrptive typeings to say what they are:(

quite disapointed

wish i was a mind reader or had extra terestrial powers

but sorry peoples

im a ordinary human

well nearly hehehe

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for first people there .......its not clear

at night in dark

(and dont say turn ya headlights on ...heheeh cos i wont laugh ok!)

its quite hard to find

which of the 5 multi storys is it?.

Wen you first come in? where do you go? i ended up in the blinking bus terminal...some dude said ..how much to Dartford MR......and no i dint find that funny hahaha........

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