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Spa Circuit trip


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Just had a press release from Spa, my track day is cancelled. :( :cry:


Spa Francorchamps Circuit Press release

Circuit de Spa Francorchamps S.A., the company in charge of use and exploitation of the Circuit infrastructure, is responsible for managing and promoting the site through the organisation of sporting events (20 weekends per year) as well as club, incentive, trial and training days, etc.

Every year, 220 days of motors sports activities are organised on the Circuit site, thus bringing in large numbers of people from all around the world.

Last Sunday, 21 March, the Blanchimont tunnel which passes under the track between Campus bend and Paul Frère curve collapsed suddenly; it additionally enabled lorry access onto the site.

Since the stability of the track could no longer be assured and the gravel pit running alongside the track had also partly collapsed, all activities had to be stopped until further notice.

The Intercommunal Circuit Association, which is in charge of maintenance of the site, immediately began clearing work and appointed experts who will assess the stability of the infrastructures and determine the length of time required for reconstruction work.

While awaiting the assessment report and completion of the infrastructure repair work, Circuit de Spa Francorchamps S.A. has no choice but to cancel all events scheduled to take place on the Circuit up to and including Sunday 4 April.

It hopes to be able to recommence its activities as soon as possible.

Each day lost represents a loss of income of at least €15,000 for the Circuit and of an incalculable amount for the hotel and catering industry in the region as a whole.

Further information concerning events after 4 April will be available from the website http://www.spa-francorchamps.be as soon as possible.


Managing Director

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Credit with Circuit-Days and a free evening track day on either Silverstone South or Brands Hatch Indy. Next available slot at Spa isn't until October. :(


Thats crap, what about hotels booked ferries etc etc.


They have a bigger responsability than that especially seeing as its outside of your control.

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Thats crap, what about hotels booked ferries etc etc.


They have a bigger responsability than that especially seeing as its outside of your control.


It's outside of the organisers control too, I don't see there being much they can do about it.


I've moved my ferry, checked with Luc, and requested the booking be moved to the 4th October. Europe + Spa + Snetterton in one week, it's going to be fun. :D


Silverstone South requested on the evening of the 27th August too, not done any track days there yet. :)

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