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  1. All sold, thanks for your interest.
  2. Replied to PM’s. Not receiving notifications on PM’s for some reason - sorry for the delay!
  3. I found a couple of Supra-related items in the garage, I haven't had one for years so hopefully they'll be of more use to someone else! 6x Coil Packs, OEM, used, working when removed. £60 for 6 or £15 each. 10x Hub Bolts, OEM, new. £30 for 10. Can be posted at cost.
  4. Rather unexpectedly the engine in my Octavia VRS has failed, leaving me in a tight spot and little choice but to run my Supra in the new year. Since it's stripped out and I have a little boy who occasionally needs to be collected from school (who I'm sure would be thrilled to go in 'the white car'), does anyone have any spare interior plastics / carpet etc. which they could be persuaded to part with? I'm happy to pay postage and something towards parts, but don't have a huge budget to pay premium prices. Your help is appreciated!
  5. Still available, replied to your PM. I've had some requests for more pictures etc. I'm not well at the moment, will get these when I can.
  6. Unfortunately I don't have a carpet or standard seats to add. Price dropped to £14,750 for a quick sale, would like this gone pre-Christmas!
  7. No problem, these things happen. Going to list it outside of the forum soon, great track car or road-project for someone!
  8. Fifa 17 Digital Code, football's not my thing. £30 PPG or BT.
  9. Toyota Supra RZ TT6 M-reg, One UK owner. ~80,000KM (Not converted) 410BHP, turbos running in parallel. Currently SORN, no MOT (Would pass with Fog light) Located near Coventry. Originally built for competing in the Toyota Sprint Series & regular track days by Lee P at SRD, the arrival of a little one meant it was never finished or used to its potential. I've been holding out in the hope of more free time but it just hasn't happened - time to move on and let someone else enjoy it. I have a second seat and harness at SRD in Lee P's care, I haven't had the opportunity to pick it
  10. All sets are now provisionally sold. Sorry chaps!
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