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June 14th Meet


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Right thought a thread is in order as its getting closer so names and suggestions on where you want the meet to be held / event we can all do , I know we kinda agreed that the next will be in cambridge but if only 2 supra's are likely to turn up from cambridge then I cant really see the point of you lot travelling all the way to here if we haven't got a good turn out our end unless a few more from the cambridge area are coming to this one?! Unless of course we have a few supras travelling from the other side of cambridge i.e northamptonshire/bedfordshire/ northern EA! If this happens then cambridge will be ideal as its kind've central to the area!


Also as theres a southend meet soon also will people be willing to go to both meets or would people prefer to have one massive meet with people from east anglia meeting up with the southend lot also?


I don't mind what we do as i'll be going to the southend meet and the may meet if people want both and i'm not fussed about location as it just gives me an excuse to drive the supra! lol


Your thoughts please :)

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Well i am in northampton, but cambridgeshire is what i still call my home town, so i would love to meet up with you guys..


I will have to play it by ear on dates as to southend which i'd love to do but is dependant on Tonys shifts and getting rid of kids!:D

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The southend meet is june 14th so i think instead of cambridge we all go to the southend one as there will be more attending what do you think of that? We can schedule another in cambridge after that how does that sound?


Im up for that.


will have to have a big convoy on the way down there

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