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Difficult manual gearshift

Ian C

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Difficult manual gearshift


Also known as:

“I have trouble selecting 2nd gear when the car is cold”


What is it?

The 6 speed V160/V161 manual gearbox is a strong and slightly industrial unit from Getrag. It has a clonky but positive change normally, but if the gearbox oil is low, the wrong sort, or just plain done for from old age, it can be very difficult to change gear. This normally manifests around the 1st to 2nd gear change and the shift will get easier as the gearbox oil warms up.


Usually caused by:

Incorrect gearbox oil

Old broken-down oil

Gearbox oil level too low



The V160/V161 gearboxes have a very specific oil requirement, and that is V160 oil. It is Toyota part no. 08885-01306. Anything other than this can attack the gearbox seals and jam up the shift of the box.


How bad is this problem?

It accelerates wear in the box, makes you hate the manual transmission, and you can lose all your oil if the seals go. New gearboxes are not cheap.



Drain the old oil out and put in the correct amount of V160 fluid.


See Also:

Manual Gearbox Info



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