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RAF Marham Track Day - 18th/19th April 2009


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RAF Marham Charity Track Day Weekend


RAF Marham would like to invite you to a Charity Track Day Weekend on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April 2009.


The track uses a combination of the airfield's main runway and taxiways resulting in a track that is around 3 miles long consisting of wide, smooth tarmac and concrete with lots of safe run offs. There will be approx 1 mile of the main runway in use with many sweeping curves and chicanes along the taxiways.


The Track Days will run from around 9am to 5pm on both days, split into either 30 or 60-minute sessions depending on numbers of participants. All the necessary facilities, such as toilets, catering, drinks, marshalling, medical and fire cover to support the event will be on hand. The atmosphere and event is relaxed, enjoyable and safe.


All participants who will be going onto the track, either as driver or passenger, will need a helmet. Race suits are not needed, but natural fibre clothes with full sleeves and legs are strongly recommended. Cars must be safe and in road-worthy condition, with normal seat belts as a minimum, and a fire extinguisher secured safely in the car (a plumbed in system is not necessary). If the car is driven to the event then it must have valid insurance, road tax and MOT. For those driving open or soft top cars, irrespective of whether the hood is raised or lowered, it is strongly recommended that appropriate extra rollover protection is properly fitted to the car, unless the car's windscreen structure was specifically designed to provide such protection.


Please note, due to lack of space, only vehicles driving on the event, and tow vehicles where applicable, will be allowed access - all passengers must arrive in participating vehicles.


Note we now have to implement a noise limit to reduce impact on local residential areas. No unsilenced exhaust systems will be permitted. A noise limit of 105 dB will be enforced (measured at 0.5m and 45 degree angle from exhaust exit at 2/3 of max rpm). Cars exceeding this limit will not be permitted on track.


Sharing a car is permitted (i.e. alternating drivers between sessions) and drivers are allowed to carry one passenger in the car onto the track, but passengers must also comply with regard to helmet and clothing and be over 16 years of age. All drivers and passengers will be required to sign a disclaimer. Spectating is not a possibility unless the individual is coming to assist someone who is driving - the reason for this is quite simple - the event insurance premiums and Health & Safety requirements go through the roof astronomically otherwise, so by restricting it to participants and assistants, it makes the event manageable, safer, more relaxed and enjoyable and importantly keeps the cost down to you.




Single day - £70 for car and first driver. Additional drivers or passengers are an additional £10 each.

(e.g. Car and 1 driver, £70; Car and driver plus 1 additional driver or passenger, £80; etc)


Full weekend - £120 for car and first driver. Additional drivers or passengers are an additional £10 each.

(e.g. Car and 1 driver, £120; Car and driver plus 1 additional driver or passenger, £130; etc)


Note every penny goes to charity. Payment must be made in advance, cheques need to be made payable to Service Funds RAF Marham and of course signed and dated. We are expecting a high number of participants so it is advisable to get your name down early. Please note cheques will not be cashed until 2 weeks after 12 March, please ensure sufficient funds are available in your account.


It is important to note that the track does attract stones. The track will be swept prior to the event to minimise stones but if you drive directly behind the car in front along the main straights your car could be subject to stone chips. If you’re worried about this it is advisable to fit bonnet protection or drive with this in mind throughout the event.


PLEASE NOTE: RAF Marham is a front line operational air base and as such, any operational commitments on that weekend would lead to the Track Day being cancelled. This is however quite unlikely but prior notice will be given and any money paid up front would be fully reimbursed.


For security reasons, every person entering the Base including all passengers must be security vetted in advance. Everyone entering the Base will be required to present Photo ID. Your forum organiser requires the following details and payment from drivers and passengers by 12th March 2009 to allow time for the security team to check everyone. The details required are listed below and it must be stressed that they will be held in the strictest of confidence. Please note that after this date, only changes to vehicle details will be permitted.


Required details:


PAYMENT by Cheque payable to Service Funds RAF Marham

Name (surname, forename)

Full postal address

Tel No.

Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Passport No. (if possible)

Car make and model (of both track car and tow vehicle if your car is trailored)

Car registration (of both track car and tow vehicle if your car is trailored)

Day you are attending: Sat/Sun or both


Don't forget all the money raised goes to some very worthwhile charities!


We have been allocated 20 spaces for the Saturday, and 10 for the Sunday.


As usual, I am the point of contact so any questions etc.. Just PM me.

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Guest tubbyandy

I'll be there sinse i live on station haha. Was hoping id have a supra in time but looks like im going to sign up in the sol instead. Might be pestering a fdew of you for lifts haha.


Im gutted about the DB limit, i can guarantee they aint botherede about the noise level when im trying to sleep off nights!!!

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Guest tubbyandy

I agree, you guys are always a talking point with the lads down here aswell!! If people are scared because of the stone damage i regularly 'test' my car on roughly the same circuit. I simply cover the front end of my car in masking tape to protect it. generally i dont find it a problem unless im quite close behind someone though

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Si, I'll check with Paul/Ben/Daz etc to see if we can do this, we've got races the two following weekends - but this circuit is such a blast its worth the effort.

Might even be able to get a couple of Rex's to come.


Paul enjoyed it so much last year he 1/2 wore out a set of my rear tyres!

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I hate to say it chaps but this event last year did untold damage to my car despite me being one of the few who covered at least some of the front end with tape (which the chips went right through). I was (and still am) devastated when the adrenaline was replaced by that slow sinking feeling of damage to your pride and joy. I spent £1000 on a front end respray including bonnet, bumper & wings and I still have some chips in my headlights, windscreen, door mirrors and even rear quarter panels.


My damage was mainly caused by being directly behind somebody for 1-2 seconds at 150mph but I was having so much fun that I did not have all of my admittedly limited brainpower going into stone chip avoidance (and if you do you will reduce your fun on the day imo).


By a wonderful 1 in 10000 chance, a week after my respray I was pebble dashed by a VW Touareg on the motorway going over some stones left by recent roadworks which once again ruined my nice fresh paint and has left my Sup less than perfect hence I have a special chip on my shoulder about this!


I know I am not the only one to pay the price at Marham and I also know that others have been and come away with barely a new chip to be seen but I think it is right to make others aware of the risk particularly if you take pride in your cars paintwork.


If however you can either accept this risk or think you can drive around it (you can as many proved on the day) then the Marham experience is still a wonderful thing and one of the safest ways to exploit the long legs of the Supra. Just make sure you start the day with a full tank of fuel as I saw 5.6 mpg and 3/4 of a tank was not enough:blink:

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