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RAF Marham Track Day - 18th/19th April 2009


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Si, do you think they will actually be testing the cars for noise or is it something they have had to put in the paperwork to keep the neighbours happy?


Anyone else know where would have a dB meter? MOT places?


well, it does say that "A noise limit of 105 dB will be enforced (measured at 0.5m and 45 degree angle from exhaust exit at 2/3 of max rpm). Cars exceeding this limit will not be permitted on track"

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Just read this.

After cut off sate, but cant make either :(

Shame theres no takers.

A really good day out.


Yes it is stoney, but i've never had any probs with stone chips. just dont sit on someone. That said the last time i did low tac tape the front which looked naff, but did the job i suppose.

Rad & SMIC seems ok.


Have a good day Si and blag a lift in something quick!


Can you post some pics afterwards?

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Jenny & I are going :D


Right - just for you - a quick reminder from the organiser...



> - EVERYONE entering the site MUST bring PHOTO ID. Drivers must bring

> valid driving licence (both parts if applicable).


> - All drivers MUST attend the drivers brief, starting at 0845.


> - Arrive in plenty of time. We have applied lessons learned from

> previous events and the entry procedure should be much slicker. However,

> note security checks can be thorough and may take some time to complete,

> do not expect to breeze through 10 minutes before the drivers brief

> starts!! The gates will be open from 0700.


> - Drive considerately when approaching and leaving the site, the road

> passes through a residential area.


> - Don't clog up the local roads waiting for other forum members to join

> you so that you can arrive in convoy. This has caused complaints from

> locals in the past.


> - The route from the main entrance to the track will be clearly

> signposted. Anyone straying from this route will be removed from the

> Station.


> - Airfields are always cold windy places, even on nice days. You will

> need lots and lots of warm clothing including hats and gloves, just in

> case.


> - Anyone going on track will need to wear a helmet. All participating

> cars need to have a fire extinguisher in the car.


> - Note any damage caused is entirely at owners risk. An indemnity form

> must be signed by all participants.


> - The runway shoulders will be swept thoroughly so there should be far

> fewer stones again. However the event generates stones so still be

> prepared in case of stones thrown up and drive accordingly.


> - Photography for commercial prurposes is prohibited and there will be

> no access beyond the paddock and spectator area. RAF Marham photographers

> will produce a picture CD as per previous events, which will be available

> for purchase.

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:rolleyes:Can't believe they have put a noise limit on a working Tornado Airbase!



Anyone know roughly how loud in db a BPU TT6 decatted with a Nur Spec is?


103 db with a 2nd decat and a nur spec @ 5000 rpm tested at brands hach,hope it helps :)

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Well that was a great day; many thanks to Heckler for arranging it.


I am pleased to report that this year, the organisers seem to have found a solution to the stones; I only noticed them once when I went fairly close to the left of the main runway.


If they do the same next time I don't think we need worry.

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Non-existent :D


I hoped that might be the case but couldn't get anyone to admit to it.


Gutted I didn't go now:( but I wasn't gonna risk failing the dB test.


This is always a good day and if they have sorted stone problem thats very good news :thumbs:


Bring on the next one!:eyebrows:

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