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13-01-07, 04:30
Doing What Everyone Else Seems To Be Doing, Saying Hello To The World, Been A Soopra Owner For A Couple Of Years Now But Only Just Bought My Lap Top, Heres To Rear Wheel Drive Arse Out Fun, Well I Always Do Since Its Always Wet And Loads A Rond A Bouts Up Here In Miserable Scotland.

13-01-07, 04:38
Welcome to the club Stuart :thumbs:

Any :Pics:

ps. a friendly request, please turn this off, it makes posts much easier to read :)


13-01-07, 05:00
I think it was more overzealous use of the



Oh and welcome.. :)

As Nic says, any pics?

13-01-07, 06:14
I think it was more overzealous use of the

It's Mawby's caps lock filter that makes it look like that :p

13-01-07, 06:40
Nope Its Not Working

Oh blimy it really does work... Well I never.. :)

13-01-07, 10:17
Welcome mate.....cool title the would make a good screen name "Tarmac Terrorist" ;)

Get some pics up when you get a sec :)

13-01-07, 10:18
welcome mate, have fun!

13-01-07, 11:05
:welcome: to the club

13-01-07, 12:33
Greetings old boy... :)

mr lover
13-01-07, 12:35
welcome :)

13-01-07, 13:43
Welcome :D

13-01-07, 13:47
Hello and welcome Stuart:)
I'm not a Tarmac Terrorist, I'm a Commuting Commando, hard on the heels of the Traffic-jam Taliban:sly:

13-01-07, 15:28
hi your not the black sup that i see in irvine r ya? iv just joined club and have only seen couple of other supras in my area, the guy in ardrossan just wrecked his but he ok ,walked out with just a scratch. thats the only other one i know hoping joining club will change that, welcome.

13-01-07, 15:36
:hello: and :welcome: to the club

14-01-07, 01:45
hey everybody, thanks for the welcome, not sure how all this works yet but i will get there,eventually, by doing this am i replying to all people that answered me? not figured out how to get the pics up but i think its cos i have not paid up and not a full member yet, hopefully do it in the next couple of days!
so to answer you all, hi , caps lock found , tarmac terrorist is not bad eh , just moved to east kilbride from dunfermline but i take my toy on as many roads as i can to show her off(well thats what they are for aint it).

14-01-07, 10:29
welc:) me

14-01-07, 11:03
:hi: and :welcome: to the forum :D

Ian R
14-01-07, 11:05