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  1. I definitely recommend taking out the cover, saved myself a fortune when I got trailered back home in 2011
  2. Gutted I missed this trip, if only for those vinyl wraps! Looking forward to some more pics, have a safe trip back all.
  3. Money received Gary. Don't worry about the donation mate, just have a cracking time
  4. Thanks bud. There's always next year and I should have a Supra that is on the road by then.
  5. Well with 2 weeks togo before the event I'd rather try and get something, plus it's my own fault for leaving it so long. A couple reasons matey, but would rather not post them up.
  6. I am putting my Eurotunnel and Hotel tickets up for sale as I can no longer attend Looking for £150 for both, but also open to sensible offers. Cheers Jeff
  7. Looks great Matt Must be rewarding to see it coming together when you've put in all the time and effort.
  8. 2JG

    Dragonball 11

    Good to meet you Cliff, glad you had a good time matey. Only because you had the biggest bucket of beer
  9. I will definately be up for another trip next year! Can't think of a better group of people to hang out with for the weekend. If the car wasn't poorly and I didn't have a stag doo on Saturday I would sign up for Japfest.
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