View Full Version : Supra TRI Turbo

19-12-06, 18:55
Spotted this on the Suprastore site in america, anybody else seen it? It looks cool under the Hood!

Gotta get me one 'o' them or was that 3?!!:d

Ian W
19-12-06, 19:16
that looks utterly rediculous imo.

just looks messy and over complicated. give me a single any day.

19-12-06, 19:21
I read about this in Banzai a few years back, very interesting project IMO.

IIRC it has the stock twins with an extra larger turbo for power higher up the rev range. Could be wrong about that though ;)

19-12-06, 19:24
Its in banzai (or J performance)

nice car, complicated Turbo system :p

19-12-06, 19:24
Looks like headache of fab'ing in that setup

19-12-06, 19:25
Looks like a mecahnical part from aliens or something :d

19-12-06, 22:16
Wouldn't wanna suss out a problem with that.

19-12-06, 23:24
I wonder what the temp is like under the hood....close to matching the Sun no doubt!

20-12-06, 00:42
That pic is at least 6 years old, is the car still going?