View Full Version : Wanted few little things to finish

13-10-15, 19:11
Hi anyone have a front washer jet and a rear one (rooftop) if were to come in red great but thats just being picky ;)
Also the red cdl unit from under the passenger glove box !!

thanks :p

13-10-15, 19:14
I have a CDl unit and a rear washer nozzle...

14-10-15, 18:36
Ah great how much Keron please

14-10-15, 18:39
35 plus del

14-10-15, 18:56
ok mate thats ideal , can i ask you to keep for me till end of the week got a new card arriving to partner paypal then will pay up :D

15-10-15, 12:34
no probs... just let me know when your ready

05-03-16, 08:22
keron , not even a decent excuse like was abducted :d i know it was some time ago but is there any chance you still have the nozel and cdl unit ?!
if so ill get payment right over to you cheers

robby a
05-03-16, 11:07
I've got a rear washer jet if you need it bud. 10 postedhttp://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2016/03/220.jpg