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17-08-15, 09:06

Selling My moms car on her behalf. She wants a little 4x4 approaching winter and well just cos she wants to look a something different for a change.

Ford Focus LX Estate 1.8 TDdi Diesel
54 Plate (2004)
Graphite grey

3 owners. My dad was the second owner, then my mom (principle run-around retiree car last 3yrs but has regular long journeys)
Service history has been lost whilst under my moms ownership but has been in the family 11yrs. Some receipts back about 5yrs.

MOT May16 (advisory of slightly deteriorating brake lines)
4 decent tyres checked recently and ok

Good Points.
This car just keeps on going. Never failed the family in 10yrs, always maintained and had bits and bobs done.
Recent service including the belts
Tow bar (with one fitting not two I believe) - only used a handful of times to tow a sailing dinghy (nothing heavy)
Plenty of miles left for this engine

Bad Points.
A little untidy in places but its been a well used car, no panel damage or dents, a patch of DIY rust correction which is about an inch along the rear window sil (not exactly body shop quality). And some lacquer peel on rear right hand side bumper (pictured also)
Has had dogs in the car, but has been cleaned now (not wet washed though)
Small patch of rust next to drivers side mirror - for some reasons I cant seem to upload the picture

17-08-15, 09:53
It'll be a 1.8TDCI mate - they never made a 1.9. :thumbs:

17-08-15, 10:01

it'll be a 1.8tdci mate - they never made a 1.9. :thumbs:

21-08-15, 12:56
Bump Pictures added
(Not sure why pics have duplicated. Tried to delete but deleted both pics at one time)

21-08-15, 19:09
If I had the spare cash I'd have this.

Al Massey
21-08-15, 21:14
Damn I would of had that, can't really afford it right now

22-08-15, 10:01
Car is now in Macclesfield with me. Will be sorn today too.

Corrected to state slight deterioration of brake lines not fuel lines.

Number of owners corrected to 2 previous owners plus mom (I had it under dads ownership whilst he was abroad)

.......my mother is struggling to find the service book....... ffs. Just no appreciation for the importance of some things. It's not a sodding washing machine

22-08-15, 10:44
If I shift one of my fleet before this goes, I'll be having it. Loves me a Focus. Sold my last one, wish I hadn't. So reliable, and now her Galaxy is dicking about!

22-08-15, 13:01
Well it's not going anywhere and not planning to ebay it until we've collected and run the new car for a few weeks at least just to be sure. So you've got some time.

22-08-15, 13:30
The Galaxy must have heard me because it's just spat all of it's power steering fluid out! Ffs!

24-08-15, 14:30
Mom wants this gone and is happy with new motor so its now on ebay


28-08-15, 12:47
On ebay for 1100 with offers welcome. 950 to you guys

02-09-15, 09:40
Still here - ebay ad finishing tomorrow. Offers considered

06-09-15, 19:46