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21-01-05, 18:41
Well seeing as im new in here id thought id say hi to everyoneand introduce myself.
So hi everyone :thumbs: Im Martin, am 23 and from just outside Chester, north wales. Ive got a red Uk spec 6speed supra TT which ive had for about 7months now,bought from northern ireland, spent 6months looking for one. Very pleased with it, its alot nicer to drive, and quicker, than the Nissan 300zxTT i had before it, although the nissan was a very nice car too. Ive only done a few mods to it, the usual, filter, boost upgrade, blow off etc. Am looking to invest in an exhaust and decat next, also a fcd so i can put the boost up past 1bar, to about 1.2ish. Also want a nice set of rims...jee i can see this car keeping my bank account v.low now ive got the modifing bug, ahh well. After some spark plugs too, can anyone recommend any?

21-01-05, 18:45
Hi and welcome :)

I'd go for 18" Do-Luck or Blitz rims myself :) How about one of those Greddy Titanium exhausts from Endless racing too! :)

These will help keep your bank balance even lower :D

21-01-05, 18:50

21-01-05, 18:52
After some spark plugs too, can anyone recommend any? If you're going to be running between 1.0 and 1.2 bar boost you'll want NGK BCPR7ES (10 for six) or Denso Iridium IK22 (65 for six)
Some folks use Denso IK24 plugs to be on the safe side but IK22 are more than adequate.

BTW, welcome.

21-01-05, 19:18
nice to see you on this side too :thumbs:

The Hornet
21-01-05, 19:31
Hi & welcome

21-01-05, 19:39
Hello :thumbs:

21-01-05, 19:49
Hello :)

21-01-05, 21:18
welcome mate :respekt:

21-01-05, 21:22
Alright mate, your not registered as the same name with a couple of numbers after on ebay are you ?

Think you bought a Drag racing DVD off me :thumbs:

Welcome !


21-01-05, 21:48
no not me :who:

21-01-05, 22:37
Welcome :)

22-01-05, 00:03
no not me :who:

Not you you gimp..........Martin LOL !!!

22-01-05, 01:12
Yup thats me, mpryde21 on ebay, good dvds they r too. Watched some dvds called high octane3+4 today, they r pretty good, defo worth watching, nz car modifing scene.
Thanks for advice on plugs, think im gonna have to invest insome of the denzo ones

22-01-05, 01:27
Welcome aboard old chap. Always good to see more "Welshys" on here thumbs:

Ian R
22-01-05, 08:03
Welcome aboard :thumbs:

22-01-05, 19:36
Hello! :)