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  1. Hey Chris,


    Sorry it's been a bloody long time since I have been in touch.


    I haven't forgotten I owe you some dosh for the brake disks you sorted me out a VERY long time ago. So if you can send me your Payal addy, I will sort you out with some cash.


    It was about 80 quid wasn't it.?


    Also is your parts store aka your garage do you have any Billstein shocks please.? The Tein Superstreets I have on there currently are prolly gonna be an MOT fail, so am going to go back to stock LOL


    If you get a spare mins, can you give me a shout on 07976 167692 and we can have a quick catch up!


    Hope you and Kate had a great Christmas and New Year too.


    All the best and speak soon.



  2. 1. Tigger 2. Mawby 3. TopgunTT +2 4. Optim8 5. Gerry 6. jaymdee 7. Laz, KatieC & Cameron:D
  3. Sort of... The ACIS system doesn't "create" more power/torque, it is an attempt at making a variable pulse tuned intake so the engine will run more within a wider optimal rev band.
  4. The valve you've shown is part of the Acoustic Control Induction System (ACIS), this is supposed to control unwanted pressure pulses within the inlet tract, which causes, amongst other things, rough running. It's vacuum controlled from a VSV so my first thought would be a vacuum problem. If it was a VSV signal/electrical problem I would have expected to see an ECU fault code. It could still be the valve thats at fault, maybe the valves diaphagm is split. See if your celica has the same valve (it has the same engine) and substitute it to see.
  5. Ahh, right! well you offered your spare to clueless first, but if he doesn't want it I'll give it a go.
  6. Are you talking about a standard usb to standard usb? Cause I was also under the impression there was a problem with that. Might it be an issue with usb1.0/usb2.0 tho?
  7. I think it depends on where the geometry is set currently, if it's already set near it's limit in the direction you want to go then maybe not, I think the best answer to your questions here are to get the car to somebody who can measure it up and then see if they can do it, there is very little we can do now as the next step would be to see pictures of all the suspension adjustment points to advise on what can be done.
  8. Is it something you might be able to make Si? I may be interested in one soon.
  9. Try this place... http://www.giff-tech.co.uk/ Their ebay shop has 100% feedback but you have to go to the website for the usb, they appear to be based in the UK but advertize to the US only it appears, might be wrong on that tho. If you go for it, give us some feedback on the usb, I'm guessing a few people would be interested. Meant to say their ebay name is velocetterider on ebay.com not ebay.co.uk .... also just noticed that both you and them are in Wales
  10. Thanks for that chaps, over the last few months been chatting with a few people on and off about moving abroad (various locations) and the subject always comes up whether to take a car with you or just import one when you get there.
  11. I so wish I'd taken a camera with me that day! Well, if your customer is happy with it, thats all that matters, I wish him luck. (genuine statement, NO sarcasm intended or implied, before anybody gets the wrong end of the stick)
  12. Hello & welcome, could I ask what it took to get a second hand righthand drive car imported and registered in Canada? What's the current legislation on that?
  13. Your not the first person to mention the stripes, they were only available on the JDM or US market cars (I think?). I quite like them and it gives it a level of uniqueness in this country. Some goodies that will be going on it...
  14. A progress teaser! ...and yes I know it's taking ages, I think of it as therapy
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