View Full Version : New 97' Supra Owner with a Problem

30-10-12, 11:30
Please Help...

I have a 97' Supra base model Auto. Every now and then if im at a light my car will start sputtering and usually stalls out. If it does stall, I have to crank & crank & crank some more. Eventually it does start dark smoke comes for the exhaust. just trying to figure out what is wrong with my Supra.:rolleyes:

supra joe
30-10-12, 11:35
Sounds like you need new plugs if it's misfiring.

30-10-12, 11:50
I'd be pulling the plugs and having a look at them first off.

When you say base model do you mean an NA ?

30-10-12, 12:00
non turbo....the plugs and wires look good. Not sure why it would only doing some of the time though.

30-10-12, 12:11
Dizzy cap and rotor arm will be the next too check imo then fuel filter possibly