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  1. I’ve got a black stock bonnet sat in my garage
  2. How gay does the gt86 make you feel on the scale of 1- to - gay ?
  3. As above. Just rang admiral as I already have a car with them and they require the car to be 35 yrs old for classic insurance!
  4. Just spotted this on gumtree. Why does that location ring a bell ?
  5. Anyone got a working one about ?
  6. Just bumping this to look back on. Having the same issue. Crank and no spark.
  7. Remember the blasting that some certain members gave other members for pricing their cars high... the silence is deafening
  8. What do they stock supra wise ?
  9. Simply simply lovely... plenty of straight lines sir ! And plenty in the tank !
  10. I actually have a set of mounts (feet) off one of these sat in my garage
  11. Very nice ! If Lord Vader owned an R35 lol
  12. Does anyone have a contact name for Dave on Facebook ? I always said I would be able to keep him up to date with progress and never did. Just want to let him know the car is still in good hands and has changed massively!
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