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29-08-12, 08:44

I have an old 2WD Hilux that's trying to run a 2JZ motor, I thought I ought to sign up here so I'm all set for when the electronics get the better of me.

This is the truck collecting it's new wheels & brakes:

With wheels:
And brakes:

And this is the Engine, box & loom as it arrived:

I have the motor in (can't find a photo) & most of the wiring done but I am stuck with an Error 31.
The motor is a 2JZ-GE with W58 box and all standard Toyota wiring. It did start on a pallet a little while ago but I've not run it long as the new radiator still isn't finished.

This code is up as soon as I connect / turn on the power. I've not done any trouble shooting at all yet so any suggestions are welcome.

29-08-12, 08:48
Its a MAP sensor fault. On a N/A supra it sits on the bulkhead with a 3 pin plug attached to the bottom and a vac line to it also.

29-08-12, 08:59
Ok, I thought that would be mounted internally.

Any chance a member might have a photo of it in it's standard location and if possible a picture of the end of the plug that goes to it?

Thank you sir! I think you've saved me a lot of searching.

30-08-12, 08:04
Morning all,

I've been on the phone to every breaker in the North west so far but I think I've tracked down a MAP. Toyota wanted over 300 blips for one new??
If any member has too many & would like me to take one away I'd be happy to oblige.

One photo of the motor where it sits now.... (edit: the gold paint will go)

30-08-12, 08:14
intresting build, i know of a newer hilux running big twins 600bhp scary as there is so little weight over the rear wheels.

31-08-12, 07:25
Aye, I'm expecting much the same from this truck.

I do have a plate diff in a box & a factory 5-linked axle in old Hilux Surf waiting in the wings.
Those bits may help a little?

So big thanks to Hodge for pointing out the missing MAP sensor but can anyone help me out with part numbers?
I've been running around chasing my tail the past few days.
I think I'm looking for Part#: 89421-12111 this is a number I found while searching the forums.
The local Toyota parts department confirm it is on the parts list for a UK spec. Supra.

Could anyone with a JDM Supra please confirm that number for me?
Is there any other confirmed equivalent part number?
Does anybody know of another car using an equivalent part?

And finally, could you guys please suggest a Supra breaker?
I've got: tbcToyota, ScrapJap & SupraSpecialists on the list so far.

31-08-12, 07:29
Keron on here is your man

31-08-12, 08:26
Keron on here is your man

Cheers mate, I've sent that man a message.

04-09-12, 12:06
Morning all,

I'm not sure how many of you may have a use for this but I've knocked up a wee circuit that replaces the Fuel Pump Controller on stock Supra ECU. >>Reference<< (http://wilbo666.pbworks.com/w/page/37092272/Wiki%20-%20wilbo666).

This circuit uses a small RC Circuit to "smooth out" the PWM signal sent to the FP Controller by the Engine ECU on the FPC Pin. The smoothed signal then pulls in a Mosfet to ground the coil in a standard relay. The kill switch in the diagram is a hidden switch to be used as theft deterrent.

Note: The DI signal from Fuel Pump Controller to the Engine ECU must be tied to +12v so that the Engine ECU continues to send out the PWM Signal.


This is a circuit diagram of the FPC Circuit:

The part numbers listed in the Wilbo666 diagram are just fine for the job but the particular component values are not critical.
The circuit I built uses:
R1 - 1kOhm
R2 - 1.8MOhm
C1 - ~1uF
D1 - 6.8v Zener
And for the transsitor Q1 - Just about any N-channel Mosfet will do fine.

What I'm going for here is that component values can be selected from what you have available so long as they're in roughly the correct range.

I mounted the actual relay for the Fuel Pump (Standard Toyota 4-pin relay) in the drivers side kick panel & ran the grounding source from the FPC Circuit to it. The wee circuit board is now covered in heatshrink & taped in with the Engine ECU loom.


04-09-12, 16:34
Hi everyone, new question...

I have just installed a new MAP sensor courtesy of Keron.
However, the MIL or engine lamp still stays illuminated.
The ECU is no longer showing any stored codes.

The motor hasn't been run for quite a while now due to lack of a finished radiator and the exhaust sensors are still not connected.
Are either of these liable to cause the engine lamp to stay on?


06-09-12, 09:13

David P
06-09-12, 09:36
Plug them in and see if it fixes it.