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  1. Links all good, paid and ready to roll!
  2. One approves of your profile photo 😄 

  3. Booked Premier Inn, just waiting to hear back about the Saturday place
  4. Unless that PDF upload works in which case happy days
  5. 1. Active Spoiler Manual Controller installation (without loom).pdf
  6. I still have a PDF showing you how to do this - let me have your email and I'll ping it over to you
  7. Personally, having had it sat on the drive for quite a while, I think it would suit a Toms livery. I know a guy who could produce the graphics! Either that or a dark metallic grey and go stealth mode. But Toms for me.
  8. ellis

    2021 Calendar

    Mark Blythe will be printing this very soon and will be putting up a sale thread on here and FB - keep your eyes out! [url=https://ibb.co/Jrg4LYk][img]https://i.ibb.co/6DLxhKs/MKIV-Calendar-2021.jpg[/img][/url]
  9. ellis

    2021 Calendar

    [quote name='WayneW']We can't wait to see it, I hope also to be in one large month shot :)[/QUOTE] Emailed you
  10. ellis

    2021 Calendar

    [quote name='raddys']Doh lol[/QUOTE] Your initial comments have been acted upon! One large month shot - only other pics are in the date section
  11. ellis

    2021 Calendar

    Hi Wayne - yes, got it, all downloaded, thank you
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