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13-04-04, 20:41
ok im looking to get a cheap runnabout,but wana insure it as cheap as poss but wana be able to tax it aswell ,

wots the best route to take?my current insurance want 644 to cover an 88 1.6 astra auto as i cant use my no claims discount twice,i think this is a joke the astra only worth half that.

surely have a car nearly 5 times the power of the astra aswell must count for something,& obviously i cant drive them both @ the same time.

any help appriciated

cheers baldy

13-04-04, 21:05
Certain companies allow you to share the NCB between cars, theres a few out there, the only one I can think of at the mo is Liverpool Victoria........

14-04-04, 07:37
cheers neil

ill give them a go


Paul R
14-04-04, 09:26
Admiral allow you to share your no claims bonus too.


14-04-04, 09:36
bear in mind though that if you share your NCB a accident in the run about can ruin your supe NCB and cost you a fortune,

better idea to build up a seperate NCB if you can afford it, then even if you have an accident in the supe, you can put the supe on the other insurance and have higher no claims than you would have keepin it on the one with the claim, if that makes any sence,


dangerous brain
14-04-04, 13:57
A plan insurance brokers gave my mate a second set of no claims when he insured his landy as a second motor. Worth a call I guess

Gaz Walker
14-04-04, 14:27
Elephant and More than do too...


14-04-04, 18:55
The company that I have the Rover insured with have mirrored my NCD from the Supra policy, I just had to provide proof of it. Whatever happens to the Rover (ie accidents) doesn't affect the Supra policy. It was through a broker in Camberely. Erm. Sheltons 01276 34637.

Bot of advice though, if you're after a cheap run around, get a cheap run around- ie lowest tax grouping etc...

14-04-04, 19:29
cheers every 1

ill have a phone round tomoro


14-04-04, 20:42
just a thought but if you mainly use the sh*tty runaround and dont do that many miles in the supra you could switch the supra policy onto the runaround so it would cost you almost nothing to insure and you could insure the sup on a limited mileage policy. its much cheaper to insure with limited mileage and usually a lot more leniant on mods, HIC are really good at this type of policy as the will give you an aggreed value for your car AND your mods (and they mirror your NCB!:) ) but it does restrict you on your mileage.
i used to insure my beetle this way when i was at uni it only cost me 200 quid a year fully comp and they didn't care what i did to it as long as i didn't take the engine power over 70 bhp (they are only 40 bhp stock but the only weigh 600 kilos:p ) as i said just a thought...

14-04-04, 23:26
Bell will match you current NCD and protection on a second car. Just insured another with them last week.

15-04-04, 19:40
Originally posted by baldy
my current insurance want 644 to cover an 88 1.6 astra auto

If the car's a 1988 it's over 15 years old and can therefore be insured on a classic car policy. There's no such thing as a no claims bonus on these policies. There usually really cheap.

Try www.firebond.co.uk