View Full Version : having trouble with me nuts

30-11-03, 14:41
Anybody know what spec wheel nuts are usually required on Volk Racing se37a wheels? I thought the Toyota ones should fit but they dont, not even close to fitting down the wheel nut hole.

Second question, anybody know where I can buy some that will fit?


Steve Cargill
30-11-03, 15:17
Stock Toyota ones have a loose flat washer on them. Most aftermarket wheels have a coutnersunk edge on them and as you've spotted need a differnet nut. I think most of the aftermarked nuts are the same.

No exact details thought, sorry.

Andrew Dunk Shaw
30-11-03, 19:25
Hi John,
I ended up making my own for my Work Equip split rims, so if you get totally stuck give me a sketch and i'll make you a set.

Dare i say halfords would probably do some !!!! Just take one of your rims down there and they might be able to match you up a set.


01-12-03, 10:55
The german rims are normally countersunk washers... try a german car dealer/parts supplier.

01-12-03, 11:53

Aren't Volk/RAYS Japanese?

01-12-03, 13:07
Yeah they are- and sorry JB, didn't realise :(

01-12-03, 13:51
Rosie, you interested in selling your nuts as well or do you need them for your new wheels? Not a problem if you are as I can probably get some sorted from Demon Twiits.

The 1 wheel I got on the car looked nice btw, suits a black car well.


01-12-03, 14:07
I'll need them for my new wheels I should think, sorry- unless I find they don't fit or the muppets have lost them :(

Should look great on your car :)

Ibrar Jabbar
01-12-03, 17:38

Can you give me the diameter of the hole, I have a full set of Cone Seat type wheel nuts which should fit.

01-12-03, 20:27
thanks Ibrar, I will head out and check the size and let you know.