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Bloody NT4


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RIGHT I'm on here for a couple of minutes whinge :(


What kind of bloody company still uses NT4 server anyway!!! Upgrade to SP6 and.... NOTHING! :eek: All services have stopped and, because the net logon service has stopped, I can't even log into the server :devil: Oh and guess what... it's the PDC, accounts box, file server.... oh and it's pay day for 200 staff!!! :mad:


Anyone for a fight? :innocent:




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Did it perchance pop up a question saying "The file xxxx.sys is newer than the one you are trying to install, do you want to overwrite it?" and you said "Yes"?


That's yer NIC driver. The question should be reworded to "Do you want your server to fall off the network forever?"


Time to break out SmartStart 5.4 lol



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We pay for 3rd line support with another company and they just didn't want to know :devil: Could have really done with some help as well (I'm IT manager/1st line/2nd line/.... the IT dept).


New server coming in Monday but until then... this place is gonna be hell... lucky I didn't sign the SLA then aint it!

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Can't log in at all. Where you normally select where your logging in it only has the domain and not just the local machine


I've done some 2am stints bringing servers back but they've all been 2000/2003 servers so they are SLIGHTLY less of a pain in the hoop to do. My new years eve party will be to celebrate the death of NT4 server (oh now I AM sad!):p

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Originally posted by GeordieSteve

For some STRANGE reason (only been in this company for a couple of month) but it's RAID 5 using two NTFS disks and one FAT.


Conceptual problem.....


The RAID array is made of physical disks that the controller manages and presents as logical disks. You then create partitions on these logical disks and these partitions can be formatted using a file system, such as FAT or NTFS etc.


The controller neither knows nor cares what file system is used. All it does is hide the underlying disk structure in a variety of cunning ways.

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