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This is what you should be getting and a typical price (£120):




"Special Package Contains :

Black GameCube

Pokemon Colosseum

Pokedex Organiser - Pokemon Box

GC to GBA Link Lead

Memory Card 251"


Yet a few retailers have screwed up and are selling it a 'bit' cheaper (£33):








URLs might need reassembling!


Woolworths have been known to honour pricing errors. Tesco almost never, and Virgin T&Cs seem to make it legally binding upon them issuing a receipt of order?!

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Looks interesting, however the Gameseek website lists it as the "Pokemon Colosseum Mega Pak" whereas the others list it as "Pokemon Colosseum Black Bundle" & only talk about the disc.


Also, the weight shown (135) is roughly the weight of an X-Box game so I guess it's just the game as none of them mention the console.


I suppose the bundle includes just stuff for the game like the organiser or whatever.


However the photo's do suggest you get an X-Box, but by the time just the game arrives it'll probably be changed.

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Originally posted by JohnK

The Virgin link makes it look like your just getting the game on its own, The woolworths link just doesnt load for me.


Have you ordered one? Do you know any more about it?



I don't really want one to be honest, I have enough stuff I need to be doing without yet another diversion :)


I know of 8 orders that have been placed now, mainly with Virgin because of the free delivery - at worst you'll pay for a game you don't want and have to return it, at best you get a Gamecube and games etc for £33.

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It is a gamble.


However clues that it is a full bundle are:


1) Use of the word "Bundle" in the title.


2) Use of the word Black - e.g. why describe the colour of the

gamecube if one isn't supplied.


3) The photographs of the packaging clearly show a gamecube,

controller, game and memory card - Tescos is probably the clearest image.


4) Other sites which list this same bundle at a higher price give an accurate description of its contents - including a gamecube.


5) Tesco and Woolies also list the game on it's own with a seperate stock code, so this is something other than just the game.


Clues it may not be a bundle:


1) Shipping weight (for woolies link).


2) Nothing in the description that mentions the gamecube or other contents.


I suspect that their supplier has got a little confused and provided them with the title and picture for the bundle, but used the game only description / price. Tesco and Woolies share the same supplier.


Whether they'll honour the order, ship you a game only, or something else who knows. However under the distance selling regulations you can always get a refund if they ship you the wrong thing, and I suspect 1000+ orders overnight will probably alert them to the fact that something is wrong.

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Just a quick update. Woolies have sent a message internally to their call centre:



Title: Pokemon Colosseum Black Bundle

Format: Gamecube

Supplier Code: NI70787

Product ID: 50300862


We experienced high order levels on this item yesterday and are

currently investigating if the price and product are correct. In the

meantime the title has been set to non buyable on the website,

however because the system is updated overnight, you will need to advise your teams not to take any orders on this line until further notice. Please don't take any pre orders either as we may well not have any more stock.




I ordered one from Virgin in the end, I couldn't resist the potential bargain and if it turns out to be a game they offer a 7 day no quibble returns policy anyway.

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Ive just ordered one from Vrgin too, but I found this in there T&C's:


Virgin Retail Limited reserves the right to change prices listed without notice. All orders for products are subject to availability and Virgin Retail Limited reserves the right to decline to supply any individual or company


We can only wait and see.


I was one of the lucky people that got in on the Kodak deal a few years ago :)

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Mine isn't cancelled... just delayed at the moment:


Dear Customer


Order Date : 19/11/2004 09:50:03

Product : Pokemon Colosseum Black Bundle

Price : £32.99



Thank you for placing your order on our website. We are writing to

apologise that the items(s) you requested are currently unavailable,

however our suppliers have estimated that further copies are due on

28/11/2004, although this is liable to change. Should your item(s) fail to

arrive within 3 days of the due date, please contact Customer Services on

the number listed below.


If you wish to cancel your order for any reason, please contact Customer

Services. Once again I would like to take this opportunity of apologising

for the inconvenience caused.


Our team is here to help you with order queries or general Virgin

Megastores questions that may arise. Please do not hesitate to contact

Virgin Megastores Customer Services:-

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Bah! :)


Dear Customer


Order Date : 19/11/2004 09:50:03

Product : Pokemon Colosseum Black Bundle

Price : £32.99


We are writing to inform you that unfortunately the above items(s) are no

longer available at the supplier. Regrettably, we have had to cancel and

refund the items(s) in question. Please allow for 2-3 working days for

your bank to process this refund.


Our team is here to help you with any questions that you may have. Please

do not hesitate to contact us between 9.00am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday..


Tel : 020 7299 0444


Email : [email protected]


Address : Customer Services

Virgin Megastores

PO Box 2889





Kind Regards





Ah well, some you win, some you don't - did I mention I got a new 3.2Ghz Dell PC with flat screen for £180 the other week? Sometimes it's worth the risk ;)

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Originally posted by Thorin

Damn it why didn't you tell us about that one, I need a new PC! :p ;)



By the time I'd completed the order they had realised and changed the site :(


It was fairly cool, if you removed 256mb of memory from the order it took £256 off and you could use a couple of promo codes too so the price really dropped :)


I flogged it on the day it arrived and made a tidy profit :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I got this from Virgin:


Dear Customer,


We are writing to you further to the cancellation of your order for 'Pokemon Colosseum Black Bundle' (Virgin Online Product ID 613159) and our subsequent correspondence last week.


As a gesture of goodwill, and by way of apology for the disappointment that you felt, we have decided to review our position and offer the following:


If you are able to buy this exact item from any other UK retailer (please note that this excludes auction and second-hand shops/websites, as well as private sellers) we will happily refund the difference between our original £32.99 price and your final purchase price (up to a maximum of the recommended retail price of £89.99)


In order to help us deal with your refund, we will need :


- A response to this e-mail, only once you have purchased the item from an alternative retailer as specified above. Please leave the subject line as it appears in this e-mail and respond to [email protected].

E-mails sent to any other e-mail addresses may not receive our attention.


- Your original Virgin order number (7 digit number included in both our confirmation and cancellation e-mails)


- A copy of your purchase receipt (if you choose to purchase the item from a high street retailer) or printed dispatch note (if you choose to purchase the item from an online retailer) You can attach this to your e-mail, fax it to us on 020 8752 9370 or post it to: Virgin Retail Ltd, Customer Services, PO BOX 2889, London, W1A 5RL. Please note that we are unable to accept other forms of proof of purchase.


Upon receipt of the above, we will refund the appropriate amount back onto the credit/debit card you originally used on our website when you ordered the Pokemon Colosseum Black Bundle.


Please do not contact us before your purchase is complete, as we will be unable to answer speculative questions.


Kind regards,

Customer Services

Virgin Megastores Online

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I just got this from Tesco


>Dear Mr Amesbury,


>Recently you placed a request for a Gamecube Colosseum Black

>Bundle from Tesco.com Entertainment site.


>At the time, this item was incorrectly listed on our

>Entertainment site and a mistake was made in the price quoted

>for this item by our supplier. Quite apart from this, the

>Gamecube Colosseum Black Bundle was not in stock at the time

>that you placed your request as it is a special edition

>product that our supplier was having difficulty in sourcing.

>It was because the Gamecube Colosseum Black Bundle was not

>available, that your request was not accepted.


>Firstly, please accept our apologies for not being able to

>supply you with a Gamecube Colosseum Black Bundle at the

>time of your original request and for any inconvenience this

>may have caused, especially given that we are so close to



>Tesco is committed to offering excellent customer service

>and the best on-line shopping experience. So we have worked

>tirelessly over the last few days with our suppliers to

>secure a limited amount of stock of the Gamecube Colosseum

>Black Bundle from Europe. We are now able to supply you with

>a Gamecube Colosseum Black Bundle and, because of our

>commitment to customer satisfaction, and as a gesture of

>goodwill, we are also willing to honour the originally quoted

>price of 33.24 GBP + standard postage and packaging costs

>subject to the following terms:


>Conditions of offer:


>Only one Gamecube Colosseum Black Bundle can be ordered and

>supplied to you. As we have only been able to secure a

>limited amount of stock we have had to limit our offer to one

>Gamecube Colosseum Black Bundle at this price regardless of

>the original quantity requested.


>The amount stated above will be billed to the original

>credit/debit card stated in your original request and

>despatched as soon as we receive stock to the delivery

>address supplied on that request. eCoupons submitted with

>the original request will be honoured - Our standard eCoupon

>terms and conditions apply.


>Without any admission of liability on the part of Tesco in

>respect of your original request for the Gamecube Colosseum

>Black Bundle at the misquoted price, you agree that your

>acceptance of our offer to sell one Gamecube Colosseum Black

>Bundle at the above price settles all claims you may have

>against us in full in respect of your original request.


>To accept this offer you must reply to this email within

>seven days. This offer will not be valid after midnight

>on the 10/12/04.


>This offer is personal to you and cannot be transferred to

>anyone. The general and product terms posted on the Tesco.com

>Entertainment site shall apply in the event that you accept

>this offer.


>If you wish to take advantage of this goodwill gesture,

>please confirm your acceptance simply by sending a reply to

>this email.


>By replying you agree to be bound by all of the conditions

>of this offer in full. Please read these conditions carefully

>before accepting this offer.


>We hope that this will go some way to restoring your

>confidence in Tesco.com and we look forward to you shopping

>with us again.


>Best wishes,


>Nigel Dodd

>Marketing Director





>This is an email from Tesco.com Limited (Company No.039425222).

>Neither Tesco.com Limited nor any company within the Tesco

>Plc Group accepts responsibility for the accuracy or

>completeness of the contents of this email as it has been

>transmitted over a public network. If you receive this email

>in error please accept our apology. If this is the case we

>would be obliged if you would contact the sender and then

>delete this email.


>ref: Wk40/SEGamecube/77161/93843



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