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bonnet pins

Guest EncoreWRC

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Guest EncoreWRC

Hi all just fitted a seibon top secret bonnet to car but not sure on how to fit bonnet pins. Have got nrg inovation (CHL-100 part no)pins but dont think they will fit.

Any advice would be apreciated or recomendations on pins.



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demon tweaks do some great sparco pins.

envy too.

I also have a seibon top secret bonnet and used them.


Thread the pins into the rubber adjusters on both sides.

(They look like big black stoppers on each side of the engine bay)

Then just screw into the hole in the middle.

No holes need drilling as the rubber is a perfect size for the pin thread.


Find a lazer spotter (keyring thing) or lazer plumline.

Hang the lazer spotter from a high level so that it clears the bonner when you open/close it and make sure the spot is bang on the center pin.

I hung mine from the garage roof.


Close the bonnet without moving the lazer and mark the hole with a pen on masking tape.


Check everything is ok and open and close the bonnet to double check the red dot.


using several drills make your holes in the carbon fibre going up in size each time on a slow speed. TAKE YOUR TIME

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Yes they are the ones just not too sure on fitting them dont want to damage the bonnet. Any help would be apresiated.


I personally don't like the look of bonnet pins and don't use bonnet pins on my Seibon CF top secret bonnet. You just need to make sure both the latches have engaged which make a clear and distinctive sound when engaged. This specific bonnet has been tested over 190 leptons in the US without Pins and I've had 170 leptons without any problems.

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the problem ive got is the drivers side corner is lifting up.



Have you tried adjusting the bonnet stops? Raise it a bit, should help. A little shaking is ok as obviously it's not as stiff as the stock alu bonnet

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the problem ive got is the drivers side corner is lifting up.

i had the same problem fella and the bonnet stops made no difference, so i hasd to fit the pins


fitting the pin is easy, just mark them with marsking tape and use a sharp drill


then you need to make a bracket to carry the pin opn the slam panel


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