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Remember that anyone is welcome to organise an event in the region, we are here to help with that if necessary.


Don't just wait for us to arrange things - if you have an idea make it known so that we can help it become a reality...


Hopefully we'll have a bit more activity this year as well as the regular meets, I'm sure Martin has lots of ideas :)

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Thank you Mawby and thank you Michael.


I do indeed have a few ideas. My first is that you should always choose just one sandwich from Asda and not three. This will prevent stomach ache.


I'm tentatively planning some Supra based excursions in the frightening realms outside of beautiful Yorkshire. I'm trying to choose routes and destinations so that, while some members travel further for one event, the next will be nearer etc etc. Trips to the west coast in summer, maybe the lakes etc etc.


If anyone has any ideas for meeting areas (make them interesting, not just an anonymous car-park) or destinations then please let me or Michael know.


I'm looking forward to working with Michael and to seeing old and new faces again.



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