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Possible track day, Interested?


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I'm actually a bit concerned about this. Will there be groups of cars hammering along the straight at full chat? If so, this sounds just plain dangerous to me.


Some of the cars of members on here can get into the 120's in a quarter mile from a standstill. If they were to enter the runway off a corner at, say 40mph, they'll be way over 160 before they start slowing down.


Now I'm all for getting this sort of experience, but if there's other cars on the straight at the same time, things can happen extremely quickly, expecially if things go wrong. (Think of what a tyre burst could do in a group of cars doing over 150)


Perhaps McGoo could confirm the format of how this will be run? After all, even at TSC and TOTB, they only ever allow one car at a time to perform a high-speed run on the runway. The next car isn't normally released until the one in front has been confirmed as having left the track.


Anyone else have any thoughts?


Hi mate, I cant say exactly how things are going to run as i'm not the organiser but last time is was down to ourselves to space out sensibly and the main runway is between 75 to 100 meters wide so plenty of room. Everyone overtakes on the left so there is no confusion. Depending on how many cars attend depends on how spread out we are ( 4 miles is a long track).

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Hi, This is the latest update recieved today. note price increase for sat. because of an extra session.


"RAF Marham will again stage a track day for motorbike and car owners on the airfield on the afternoon of Saturday 22 Apr 06 and all day on Sunday 23 Apr 06. All funds raised will be in aid of RAF Marham Stn Appeals and Charities. The cost for participants will be £40 for the Saturday and £60 for the Sunday with, depending on the number of entries, a minimum of four and six 20-minute sessions on the Saturday and Sunday respectively. The course will be laid out using the main runway and southern taxiway, totalling 4 miles in length, but with some variations last year’s layout to add to the challenge."


Are there any more takers for this? Would like to meet a few more of you guys and would be nice to see a few more soops buzzin round the track.


There can,t be many opportunities to 'legally' do top speed with nothing but grass around you!!!!

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If my cars not ready to run can I come to watch?


I will register you as a driver, as long as you come in the same car you can get on camp and if you don't feel that ya cars ready don't pay and just watch. (but i didn't tell ya that!)

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