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Guest For-Tune PVE
Miami GT ran 6 autos on a Dyno Dynamics at TOTB at Elvington yesterday, we're at Selby, pls call Andy on 01757 630163 or 01405 860321 best regards And:dy


I was there matey, and I also ran an Auto Supra on my Dyno Dynamics rollers a few weeks back with no issues. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of theories and beliefs out there, but the reality is, provided the car maintains traction, is securely strapped and hits peak power somewhere between 60 and 100mph (in the case of Dyno Dynamics), we're doing just fine. The stock 2JZ we had in here made 330.1bhp at the flywheel.


Dyno Dynamics rolling roads measure the tractive force at the wheel. A simple calculation translates this into the power supplied at the wheels, so in fact, the only real differences between a hub-mounted dyno's "hub figure" and a good rolling road's "wheel power figure" are the rotational inertias of the wheels and tyres, and the rolling resistance of the tyres. Some may argue that that gives a true "wheel power" figure, which is the power transmitted directly to the road ;)

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A fair point...but then should you take a car with this much power to a less well equipped dyno? :shrug:


Its not about how well equiped the dyno is mate..


We have a Dyno Dynamics 450 and it has a recomended test speed as does every dyno.


It is better to measure power at a slower speed for many reasons .


Another factor is what type of dyno ie. braked or inertia.


Most rollers as in the cylinder itself are only rated to 150 mph ..

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