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If you wish to Dyno your Supra please INSIST on the following;


Run your powerrun in the 1:1 ratio gear. This means it's running at the same speed as the engine, not under or over driven. It's therefore more accurate to what the engine is actually doing and you don't get sill conversion factors. Also confirm that the dyno is setup to immitate a straight FLAT road, uphill or down hill will just frig the figures.


Manual V160/V161 6speed



6 Speed (V160) / (V161)

1 --- 3.827 / 3.724

2 --- 2.360 / 2.246

3 --- 1.685 / 1.541

4 --- 1.312 / 1.205

5 --- 1.000 / 1.000

6 --- 0.793 / 0.818

Rev - 3.280 / 3.192

Diff - 3.266(all TT) / 3.769(NA)



Manual W58 5speed



1 --- 3.285

2 --- 1.894

3 --- 1.275

4 --- 1.000

5 --- 0.783

Rev - 3.768

Diff - 4.083(NA)


Auto (A343E) 4speed



1 --- 2.804

2 --- 1.531

3 --- 1.000

4 --- 0.705

Rev - 2.393

Diff - 3.769(TT) / 4.083(NA)


Auto's are hard to Dyno. You have to be in Manu mode with O/D off. You also need to start at about 3000rpm to avoid kickdown.

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good info


Its good to use 5th gear on teh 6 speed, but most dyno owners I know prefer to do 4th due to the speed the cars can reach in 5th


A fair point...but then should you take a car with this much power to a less well equipped dyno? :shrug:

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They do unfortunately :(


Have been to numerous dyno days and witnessed it with my own cars and others....






How strange....I wont argue with you if you have had this happen, ive never experienced this my self but take your word for it!!


Seems like a bit of a design flaw really, manu mode should mean manual and hold it in gear!! ive hear about changing down when the revs are too high and the ECU telling it not to shift down until the revs are lower?


How bizzare

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My gearing must be wrong.


No, its the type of dyno. Most rolling roads in the UK are twin roller type, like Clayton or Autosport. This is a completely different mass than a Dynojet, which we use here in the US. I've just ran into this problem tuning Leon's car, there only seems to be a couple of good Dynojet dynos in the UK currently...

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Guest URASaustralia
No, its the type of dyno. Most rolling roads in the UK are twin roller type, like Clayton or Autosport. This is a completely different mass than a Dynojet


im not a fan of dyno jets, dyna pack or dyno dynamics all day long for me.


The dyno jets give 'high' readings in my experience.

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I was gonna have my auto supra TT run on a dastek dyno, although, i was told that the torque converter cant handle it??


They can't do it at Dastek because the auto Supra's always drop a gear and climb out the dyno there. I think it's because of the ramp rate of the rollers being really high - they run the car up without any resistance then when they want to measure the power output they use a switch which puts the brake on the dyno, it's the equivalent of accelerating hard up a very very steep hill with 4 mates in the car towing a caravan.... the auto Supra kicks down every time without fail even with a lock up switch fitted and in use :(


I'm of the opinion dyno figures for auto Supra's are pretty meaningless because there seems to be a lot of fudging to get any sort of figure on the roller type - a hub dyno is the best bet to get an accurate measurement but even then you have torque multiplication to consider with the TC involved.





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You can dyno an auto, but you need to use manual mode and lok it into 3rd gear as low in the rev range as possible. Any dyno operator worth his salt can do this.


Thanks for the thread Alex :)


Are these figures the same for the Tiptronic? Is there any difference in the ratio's? I think they're the same box but not sure. How do you lock it in 3rd?

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