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Flywheel rust question


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Bought a pressure plate and flywheel together with an engine that have been laying in the corner of a workshop past couple years.


Flywheel has some rust on it. Have gone over it lightly with a scotchbrite a couple turns already but didn’t wanna risk making the surface uneven so removed basically only the orange surface dust. Went a bit harder on the area where the pressure plate mounts and seems most of it comes off with a couple more passes.

How bad of an idea would it be slapping this on and using as is? Seems there‘s a very slight orange-peely like texture on the flywheel side when shining a light and looking at an angle.

Pressure plate seems kinda fine but at the same time seems like there is a bit of similar image.thumb.jpg.b99e37988e144132cf8d08bf17bc142e.jpgpitting / orange peely like texture beneath the machining lines? No rust / discoloring tho.


Clutch is a 6 puck rated for 900nm going onto a 350nm car so was hoping it could work as is but guessing the answer will be it need resurfacing and just need someone to confirm the bad news 😅.


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13 hours ago, Swampy442 said:

Personally Id replace it, and if you do get a clutch moe suited to your torque, 900 is huge overkill and you'll probably hate using it


Replace it? Not resurface it? 


And yeah I know it’s overkill. Kind of a «cheapo» quick project so don’t wanna be spending more on it. Have driven some ACT / spec 6-pucks before and tho not the most optimal choice for this, I’m fine with it. 

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