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The mkiv Supra Owners Club


Jak jak

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Its that time again, The MKIV Supraowners have been allocated a club stand at the Lancaster Classic Motor Show at the NEC Birmingham, taking place on Friday 10th November to Sunday 12th November 2023.  We have a stand in Hall 4, close to the entrance to the tunnel for Hall 8.  This should be a good stand with heavy footfall on this walkway.

We have a discount code for members use  MKIV Supra Owners Club = featured in members section

Join us at the UK’s biggest and best Classic Motor Show.  We will be displaying  on stand 4-795.  Members get discounted tickets if booked in advance at www.necclassicmotorshow.com by quoting the club code published in the members section of the forum. 

Save by booking tickets in advance at www.necclassicmotorshow.com

Club members save £4 off single-day adult tickets or £2 off other ticket types by quoting the club code published in the members section of the forum

Book tickets by 19th October to help your club earn additional benefits.  Ticket discounts available until 9th November.

This year  is the 30th Anniversary of the MK4 Supra, so we will be celebrating this milestone. More details to follow when we have finalised the stand.

We are hoping to feature Darren's (Wile Coyote) bare metal restore Supra, featured in the build section as "Dragonball to OEM" this year.

We are also hoping to feature a MK1 Celica Supra, to show where the Supra name originated from as well as  1A1 Targa Top mk4 stock supra. Rest of the stand is still to be finalised.

If you need the Discount Code, you can always DM me.

Hope to see you there.


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We can now confirm our stand for this year's show. 

Darren's Vvti Bare metal restored supra. (Still work in progress)

Suprabranners revamped Goblin Supra now in Tom's Castrol colours

David Preece 1A1 Aerotop stock Supra

And Daryl Kings Mk1 celica Supra.

Come down and celebrate 30 years of the Mk4 Supra.

Discount code in members section. 


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It’s time to book your tickets to join us at the UK’s biggest and best Classic Motor Show. 


10 – 12 November 2023 at the NEC Birmingham.


We can’t wait to show you the great display we have planned for our stand 4-795…..


Members save £4 on adult tickets by booking in advance at www.necclassicmotorshow.com quoting the club code which is in the members section of the forum.


Or Dm me I will send you the discount code.


Book before 19.10.23 and you will be helping your club earn additional benefits. Ticket offer available until midnight on 9.11.2023.


This year we will be celebrating 30 years of the mkiv Supra.


We will be displaying:

1 Darren Smee ex dragonball mk4 vvti Supra fresh from its bare metal restoration. It will have zero Miles on the clock. Come down and be the first to see it.


2. Remember the Goblin Car, well now it is in Tom's CASTROL LIVERY. Wheels will be completed for the show. JB Branners 


3. David Preece Stock 1A1 MSB Bronze aerotop mk4 Supra. 


4. Daryl King A rare mk1 Celica Supra. Where it all began.


I think you'll agree, this is an impressive line up.

Come down and visit us and chat all things Supra. 😁

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Not Long to go. Just over a week until we will be at the NEC Classic Motor Show.  We will be in hall 4 (near the tunnel to the Ford Hall) 

The discount code is valid until Thursday 9th November 2023.  (see members section of the forum or DM me)

If you planning to attend purchase your parking tickets in advance as this will save you £5. 

Come down and see what amazing cars we have this year.  The first chance to see the completed ex-Goblin Car in its new JGTC Toms Castrol Livery.

David Preeces Stock 1A1 Aerotop,  our very own "Dragonball to OEM project" of Wile E Coyote will be unveiled at the show. be one of the first to see the completed car and the book prepared about the restoration.

And last but not least, a 1981 mk1 Celica Supra, one of only 2 in the country and the first time on display at the NEC Show.  This was the first car to take the "supra" name and is part of celebrations for the 30 year anniversary of the MK4 Supra.

Come down and introduce yourself, it would be great to meet some of our members.

Who is planning to attend?


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