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Interior Wiring Help


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I’ve got a 1995 Toyota Supra Uk Spec that I bought as a project and am coming towards completion now.

Before I put my dashboard back in I decided to check everything worked and frustratingly it doesn’t.


If you turn the headlight dipped beams on they do not work. Then if you pull the main beam stalk towards you both the dipped beam and main beams come on. 
If you try to leave the main beams on they don’t stay on.

Someone said integration relay. As it’s a UK spec it is the same as a Celica, I managed to get one easily enough. Replaced it an no change.


The other issue I have is when you plug the dimmer switch in it blows the fuse on the interior fuse box. I’ve tried 2 dimmer switches (one came with the car, other is IS300)

The wiring on this cars interior has had a life with previous immobilisers etc. I believe this could be a simple as a short. But I’m not the man for finding shorts or solving wiring issues.


If anyone has any suggestions please comment!

And if you’re (or you know someone) an expert that will come out and help sort the car I’m willing to pay!

Located not far from Northampton

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If you can get the car to SRD at some point then I can take a look. 

Having main beams come on with dipped beams when you pull the stalk is normal. If the car has had an immobilizer/alarm previously, then start by ripping that shit out and putting every back to stock and start fresh as it were. 

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