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Anyone know what this is worth - Rockford Fosgate


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The only part of that set up that has potential are the two 750X amps if they have been serviced. It’s going to have to go as one if you sell unless you have the other end caps, then you could seller the joiner separately.

Unfortunately Rockford stopped being American in the early part of the 00’s and moved to China like a lot of top brands which meant cheap. They are no longer the over engineered product they once were.

That could be a Lockys96 Subwoofer Box, he was a forum member here a long time ago. I’d say £150.

The sub, mono amp, midrange, tweeters and crossovers I’d eBay on a 99p no reserve.

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Thanks for the reply mate. 

ive never been a fan of these types of things. But I was looking to potentially sell a few things to gather funds for a single turbo set up.

I knew it is an old system so wasn’t expecting to get anyone saying it’s more that £200


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Once serviced those amps would easily compete with the crap sold today. Sleeper amps were made back then for use in competitions. A bit like the Supra’s gentleman’s agreement on HP but theirs was watts. They were designed and made in the USA when that meant something. Hand assembled too. Nice period correct install if someone wanted it. I don’t suppose you have the birth sheet for the either amp?

You need to open those up and take a look inside to see what’s what. I’m guessing original caps which are most likely leaking but you need to check for any board damage. The caps leak electrolyte fluid which can eat through the board or worse cause a fire when power is run through them.

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No birth sheet unfortunately. Was in the car when I purchased it. 

the fire risk is another reason why I wang to take it out and other is that I’m not a fan of this sort of thing. 

well, once I strip ig out, il check everything and we will see what it brings 

thanks for the info mate. 

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