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My T04Z Supra


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Just picked up my Supra from TDI of Thurrock.


After I finally resolved my misfire issue, which turned out to be two dodgy fuel pumps, thought it'd be best to get it checked over. They ran a full engine check and cylinder leakage test, results all came out between 8% & 14% which is great. Car would still stutter in high boost.


TDI fully remapped the car, and have done a great job, refined cold idle perfectly and the power has been properly unleashed. The HKS EVC 4 needs replacing as it only works in high mode and has a fixed duty cycle, when this is replaced and the boost can hold at high rpm, we should see over 600 @ the hubs! Eitherway, this is my track car, not a drag car. Info and graphs below.


Grey line - As it was when I took it in at 0.9bar


Blue line - Remapped at 0.9bar


Red Line - Remapped at 1.6bar


Engine Type - 3.0L Single Turbo


Engine Spec - HKS Cams & Pulleys


Turbo - T04Z


Intercooler - Trust 4"


Fuel Used - V-power


Injectors - Sard or Denso 800cc+


Fuel pump- single Walbro 485


Exhaust - HKS Ti 4" System


Transmission - V161




Mapped By - Torque Developments International


Dyno Used - Rototest VPA-R chassis dynamometer system


Power figure - 583bhp @ the hubs on Vpower (670bhp @ Fly as a crude estimate)


Torque figure - 510ftlb @ the hubs on Vpower (586ftlb @ Fly as a crude estimate)


Boost Pressure - 1.6 bar on Vpower






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Great results mate. Are you happy with tdi? As im getting my car done by them in a couple weeks and they seem genuine but i dont really trust many people


TDi were fantastic, very professional service. Likewise, I lack the trust of people working on my cars apart from myself, too many cowboys out there.


Thanks for the comments folks, it's like going into warp speed when it comes on boost :D

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