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japshow 2015 camping weekend

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Hi Guys and Girls. So a few of you know me better as Chris. I live in Lancing, West Sussex and am currently in the flow of building my Aerotop. 1 or 2 of you have been over to see it. My aim (no reason it shouldnt happen) is to have my Supra on the road for japshow 2015 whch is held on the weekend of 4th and 5th of July at Santa Pod raceway. I have spoken to a few friends who have already declared their intentions on coming and wish to know how many others are up for a convoy and a weekend of beer and mixers, fast cars and a laugh all round.


Currently my car is miles from road worthy and hopefully with the weather improving i wont fear he cold for ever and actually go outside and have a play. so far my friends who are coming are driving a skyline, honda integra and a few supras. if you are interested please comment below. as a convoy we will set off around 10am from sussex (worthing probably) and head up either the a24 or the a27 and no doubt stop for food on the way. if you are on the way we can meet you near yours or more then welcome to come from worthing.


the more the merrier!

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